Hypocrisy, thy name is Martha’s Vineyard


It’s (presumably?) nice to have high-falutin’ liberal-progressive values like these.  (Clickit to biggit.)

On the other hand, if those principles are no more than skin-deep . . .

Oh, dearie me . . .

Sundance notes:

According to The Boston Globe, officials in Martha’s Vineyard are holding an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis of 43 illegal alien arrivals, including one four-year-old child.  The group arrived via a chartered flight dispatched by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to state representative Dylan Fernandes, “when you look at the limited housing options on Martha’s Vineyard, as I’m sure many of the folks here are aware, it’s likely we’re going to need an off island location.”

There’s more at the link.

Twitter responds:

One has to laugh – and doff one’s hat in admiration to Governor DeSantis of Florida.  In one swell foop, he’s shown up the hypocrisy of liberal progressives for what it is.  Here in Texas, we’re dealing with thousands – literally, multiple thousands – of illegal alien invaders every single day.  A progressive community gets less than 50 of them, uninvited (just as they are here) and all of a sudden the sky is falling!

I’ll gladly donate to pay for more such flights, and buses too.  Let’s share our illegal alien wealth all over the country, and see how blue state and blue city voters appreciate our largesse.  Maybe then they’ll be willing to do something to control our southern border!



  1. If anybody has the ear of Gov. Abbott, Albuquerque is a whole lot closer than DC is. With bus fuel prices being what they are, giving our closer leftist neighbors their shot at hypocrisy seems only fair, what with New Mexico's experience hosting illegal immigrants from Texas and all.

  2. our great governor abbott has a fund set up to pay for bus and plane tickets for illegal aliens. i have bought several and i encourage all fair minded humanitarians to do the same. let's send all of them to some place nice like martha's vineyard. God knows they deserve it

  3. What I find funny are the people arguing they should have been left in Florida because it is cheaper and easier to "process them" where they cross the border than in another state.

    Can someone show me on a map where Florida shares a border with Mexico? Biden has been flying commercial plane-loads of immigrants to every red state he can find.

  4. Hypocrisy is rampant among those not affected by agendas they support. Congress passes laws they’re not subject to all the time. In the late 70s, I was at an engineering school at General Motors in Detroit. Went to lunch with a group from “up north”. Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama I had lived the “Civil Rights Struggle” firsthand. Was in school when they were first integrated. Everyone had moved beyond the problems in the south. The guys from “up north” were complaining, expounding racist comments and really upset as their schools had only recently been integrated. They were upset that Blacks were ruining their schools, or so they thought. I just reminded them that they had been very supportive of integrating schools in the south in the 60s and accused us southerners of being racist at the time. Sounds a lot like the current issue involving immigrants. Seems as though people promote things as long as they don’t have to deal with it themselves. Suck it up buttercups. You wanted this now live with it.

  5. The first (and obviously not well-thought out) criticism being spouted by the Democrats/Liberals/Leftists is that Desantis is "trafficking" these people for political purposes.

    Which is EXACTLY what the Biden immigration policy is doing by letting them come into the country illegally in the first place and then distributing them to places like Florida. It's part of their great replacement strategy to outnumber and displace their political opposition. And that isn't just a conspiracy theory … there is way too much media video of them saying it in their out-loud voices.

  6. Illegal alien? Somebody best tell the Boston Globe that is a racist term.
    I think they are currently undocumented pioneers.
    Or maybe that only applies when they are in Texas.

  7. Massachusetts already set up a concentration camp at Cape Cod Joint Air Station for the 50 illegals. Meanwhile next town over, Hyannis, has about 10,000 illegals enjoying their WIC and MASSHealth comprehensive free healthcare and EBT. We need to add 2 zeros to the airlift numbers. Those are rookie numbers.

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