I can see I’ve got some tasting to do…


I’m kinda fed up with the world today, and all the bad, nasty, or just plain annoying things going on:  so let’s examine something a little more palatable.  I’m obliged to Larry Lambert for posting this chart on his blog some weeks ago.  Click the image for a larger view.

The Amsterdam, Brazil, Colombia, Georgia and Guatemala variants look interesting.  I reckon they call for a little experimentation.

Does anyone have other variations to suggest?  If so, please let us know in Comments.



  1. My favorite hot dog place (sadly closed after the death of the owner/operator) had a "Texas" dog: polish sausage, chili, mustard, red onions, pickled jalapenos and a poppy seed bun.

    I miss that hot dog.

  2. When we were in Denmark visiting wife's FørFørs old haunts hotdogs were the least expensive items on the menu. In Copenhagen and Helsignor the Polsa came separate from the bun and the bun was uncut. They served it with mustard and had fried onions like you get at Ikea on the side.

  3. I used to make my coworkers gag when I would come to work in the morning with a chili dog with mustard, onions, and cheese sauce on it. And a sweet tea. For breakfast.

  4. Anything but a Chicago style dog a chili cheese dog is sacrilege.

    Now, a bratwurst or a polish is a different thing, but for a hot dog, only the above two are acceptable.

  5. The German one seems to mix two styles – normally you don't mix Sauerkraut and potato salad. Also "Frankfurter" traditionally don't use Sauerkraut (note that "real" Frankfurter are different from the sausages known as Frankfurter in the USA, those are commonly referred to as "Wiener" – Vienna sausages – in the German speaking countries)

  6. Seattle is a lie.
    Jalapenos? No, not at all.

    For me, I want a Sonoran Chili dog:
    Bacon-wrapped hot dog. Buttered bun that is toasted. All-meat chili, shredded cheddar, and grilled onions to be complete.

  7. Icelandic hot dogs: the dog is lamb, beef and pork. Toppings are raw onion, crispy fried onion (French's!), ketchup, brown mustard, and "remoulade"(wouldn't pass muster in New Orleans, tasty, though). Delicious, even to this unreconstructed Chicagoan. Also one of the few cheap meals you can get in a place that imports most of what they eat.

  8. In case anyone was wondering, "Doyer" is the Spanish pronunciation of "Dodger" which is why it is the Latino variant of the Dodger Dog.

  9. Berlin (curry wurst): long, skinny frankfurter on a plate with fries and curry ketchup.

    Frankfurt (fest wurst): 8" frankfurter with spicy brown mustard on a 2" split hard roll. Side dish: pickle-on-a-stick.

  10. They Georgia dog is close but nobody puts oyster crackers or ketchup on a chili-cheese dog. Onions are optional but it is a top split bun and over-length hot dog with chili, cheese, and spicy mustard. And the chili is a condiment so it is used sparingly.

  11. The Brazil osn't really the typical Brazilian hot dog. Usually it's sliced hot dog in tomato sauce with shoestring fries. Sometimes corn. Never saw pico de gallo on it (can't remember their name for their version of pico).

    1. Had to look it up. Vinagrete (veen-ah-GREH-tchee) is their version of pico. Don't recall ever seeing it on a hot dog in São Paulo. Can't speak for the rest of the country.

  12. The Cincy Dog: All beef hot dog, Cincinnati-style chili, onions, yellow mustard. Top with a generous portion of shredded sharp Cheddar cheese. Frank's Hot Sauce is optional. Cincinnati-style chili, made with finely ground beef, gets its deep flavor from cocoa powder, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, and a long, gentle simmer. The chili tastes better the day after you make it. Chili lovers often don't think of it as chili, but it's a popular Mediterranean dish.

  13. Ha!
    It ain't a hot dog unless it has mustard, chili, onions and finely chopped coleslaw.

    So says the guy from Western NC.

    In SE NC, go to the Salt Works original restaurant on Oleander Dr. in Wilmington for a killer slaw dog.

    Also in Wilmington, NC, J. Michaels' Philly Deli has the John's Island (S. Carolina) Hot Dog)
    All beef. Peanut butter, mayo, onions, delicious!

    Ate one a long time ago on a wager.

    Not as bad as you might imagine, definitely different!

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