1. Note, please: the Republicans are "whipping against" passage of the CR which contains the $12 BN for Ukrainian bureaucrats.

    It'll pass anyway, Democrats are the majority.

    2+2=4. The Republicans did NOT "whip against" passage of the initial $40 BN. Then they were told by their constituents…..so now when it's useless, they're making a fuss

  2. Hey dad 29 ,Rep. Paul Gosar didn't vote to give the money the first of any other time. He's my Rep. and I think he's great.

  3. If your country is anything like mine…. Ukraine is one of the LEAST egregious wastes of the taxpayer $$.

    If you want to deal with waste and corruption, deal with the worst example first…. and assisting a small nation to fight off an invasion by a large one led by a very nasty dictator, is not obviously the worst thing you can do with money.
    It’s not about “waste” as much as it is about priorities..

  4. $12B this time? Putin is clearly doing better than we've been led to believe and they know the end of their money funneling cash cow regime is near. They can only get their ill-gotten gains while Ukraine stands.

  5. PeterW are you whistling past the graveyard?

    Priorities? Death my freezing due to sanctions or death by hunger due to this ongoing paid for my US taxpayers war or death by…

    If you feel so powerfully about stopping "Putin the Thug" get off the keyboard and fly yourself over to Ukraine.

  6. Total foreign aid moratorium.

    Can anyone point me to the con sti tu tion al AUTHORITY to give money to other countries? I can't seem to find it anywhere.


  7. Let us agree that the place called Ukraine was never any of America’s business. For centuries we ignored it, through all the colorful cavalry charges to-and-fro of Turks and Tatars, the reign of the dashing Zaporozhian Cossacks, the cruel abuses of Stalin, then Hitler, and the dull, gray Khrushchev-to-Yeltsin years. But then, having destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and sundry other places all on a great hegemonic lark, the professional warmongers of our land and their catamites in Washington made Ukraine their next special project. They engineered the 2014 coup in Kiev that ousted the elected president, Mr. Yanyukovich, to set up a giant grifting parlor and international money-laundromat. – James Howard Kunstler

    And that is why any aid to Ukraine is shoveling dollars down the toilet. Not just because the Ukrainian government is owed no sympathy (unlike its people) but because much of the aid is nothing but bribes and kickbacks to our own corrupt government.

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