I give you the Old NFO School of Running The Navy

Courtesy of Alaskan cartoon The Whiteboard (clickit to biggit):

That sure sounds like Navy coffee to me!  I must check with Old NFO, who’s been known to become dangerously threatening at the thought of being forced to drink “civilized” coffee.  We daren’t take him within range of Starbucks . . .



  1. That's my wife, and sister-in-law. I like my coffee, but if it was alcohol, they'd not only drink me under the table, they'd build the table, while we were drinking.

  2. USN Engine room coffee:

    Brew a pot on a standard Bunn coffee maker.

    Add a pinch of salt. (…because the evaporators are never 100%.)
    Add a drop of chlorine. (…for that proper potable water tank taste.)
    Add one drop of diesel fuel. (…for that special engine room sheen.)

    Let stand on the heater for 4 or more hours.

    Mmm – good. It'll put hair on your chest. (…or remove it.)

  3. ….Let stand on the heater for 4 or more hours.

    This would imply that you relieved, or expected to be relieved, without a fresh pot on the stand.

  4. Dunno, that'd be pretty easy, now rebuild the diesel while it's running? THAT's more like it… LOL And I NEVER saw a pot make it through 4 hours, not even the 100 cuppers…

  5. I have always liked the dregs of the office coffee pot, especially the last 10 cups or so of a 50 to 100 cupper, 4-6 hours after it brewed. Thick, chunky, like a poor man's Expresso meets an acidic sledgehammer. Creamer and sugar to make it capable of going down. A cup of that will restart a dead man, stop an asthma attack, wake Rip Van Winkle and polish chrome, all at the same time.

  6. Hot coffee!!?? The "snipes" (engine and boiler room personnel) had it easy. By the time a cup of mess deck coffee made it to the bridge and after lookouts, it was cold. And to this day the spousal unit cannot understand how I can drink a cup of cold coffee. And in spirit of the holidays, I remember my first Christmas in the Navy, wearing a .45, standing 12 hours of quarterdeck watches (everyone else had leave) and then the Christmas Dinner with turkey roll from a can with dark and white meat. Anyone else have that back in 1966?

  7. Thanks for the link. I've needed a new comic since "blood and shale" wrapped up. Now I'll get less done than ever.

  8. The "snipes" (engine and boiler room personnel) had it easy.

    Oh, is that what you're supposed to find on a snipe hunt. I'd always wondered.

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