I hate this article… because I believe it’s correct


There are times when one doesn’t want to acknowledge the existence of a problem, because it’s so overwhelmingly threatening that it’s too ghastly to contemplate.  The terminal illness of a loved one is a good example.  To be told that one’s spouse or partner is going to die, and there’s nothing that can be done to save them;  to contemplate the utter destruction of the intimacy and solidarity that two people have built up between themselves for years, perhaps decades;  this is so dire, so disastrous, that some people simply refuse to accept reality, and deny that it’s going to happen.  “No matter what, we’ll find a cure!”  Sometimes there is no cure . . . but we cannot bring ourselves to admit or accept that.  I’ve seen it on a number of occasions as a pastor and chaplain.

We’ve looked at our current parlous situation, in America and around the world, on many occasions in these pages.  I’ve tried to warn of what I see bearing down on us, and some readers have come to see it the same way.  Others have rejected my warnings, considering me an alarmist.  Events over the past couple of years have reduced the latter number considerably, as more and more people observe what’s going on around them, put two and two together, and get four:  but the naysayers are still out there.

Well, one article has wrapped into a single document all the fears I’ve expressed, and all the evidence we’ve all seen growing all around us, and taken them to their logical (and, I fear, by now inescapable) conclusion.  I hate that article.  I loathe it . . . but that’s because it’s almost certainly correct.  I don’t want to admit the reality it forces us to face, even though I’ve been saying many similar things on this blog for years now.  Unfortunately, the foundations on which it’s based are so clear to see that in my opinion, they’re undeniable.

Here are a few excerpts from a very long discussion.  Text highlighted in orange is my emphasis.

Hemingway’s famous quote about going bankrupt connects with so many because it is true on a personal basis and a civilization basis. It applies to individuals and empires in decline – like the American democracy … Now we approach the existential financial crisis which could initiate the “going bankrupt suddenly” phase of our empire of debt. Larry Kotlikoff, Harvard, and Wharton educated economic professor at Boston University, estimates the unfunded welfare liabilities of the United States exceeds $210 trillion … There is no conceivable way this debt can ever be repaid, therefore it will not. It’s just pure math … The only unknown now is whether the debt is defaulted upon, it is hyperinflated away, or some sort of debt jubilee and currency collapse makes it mute.

No matter the solution, the people will bear the brunt of the pain and drastic diminishment of their standard of living. Those in control will position themselves to benefit from whatever scheme is implemented to eliminate the debt. The current trend of running trillions in deficits per year is unsustainable and already resulting in raging inflation, declining GDP, and pushing the world towards a global depression.

There is no disputing the facts I have presented … Those controlling the levers of power know this ****show can’t go on. They have fully exhausted their propaganda tools, financial derivative schemes, and monetary machinations, leaving them nothing but crashing the system and implementing a Great Reset, which would keep them in control and the rest of us in squalor and subservience.

. . .

Destroying the finances of hundreds of millions, creating global energy and food shortages, and instigating World War 3 as a consequence of their actions is just a minor irritation for the global elite … Once you wrap your head around how vile, evil, and demented those who are pulling the strings behind this Great Reset are, your eyes are open to how far they are willing to go to institute their plan. It appears they will stop at nothing, kill as many people as necessary, create maximum chaos and pain, wreck any civic cohesiveness left, and destroy all moral and legitimate norms of society, in order to increase their control, power and wealth on this earth.

They hold all the cards. They control the governments, corporations, banks, legacy media, social media, entertainment industries, military industrial complex, sickcare Big Pharma complex, and the mental processes of the masses through their mind control/propaganda technology. Their hubris and arrogance have reached peak altitude and exuberance. They believe they are invincible. That will be their fatal weakness … there are no good guys running any country on this earth. Only bad guys, willing to sell their souls, are ever elevated to positions of power. They are selected by oligarchs, not elected by the people. The western propaganda spewing media machine specializes in demonizing those they are paid to demonize (Putin, Trump, non-vaxxers), while glorifying anyone the ruling elite have chosen to use to further their agenda (Zelensky, Fauci, vaxxers).

. . .

The key financial arrangement sustaining the American Empire, even as it internally crumbles from cultural rot, institutionalized corruption, and glorified ignorance of reality, is the global dominance of the U.S. dollar in trade. This is why the empire’s bankruptcy has been gradual and to many, unnoticeable. But Dementia Joe has accidentally, or purposefully as part of the Great Reset agenda, set in motion the rapid spiral into bankruptcy and collapse of the short-lived America Empire (1946 – 2022).

By creating a global energy crisis over a border dispute 6,000 miles from our shores, with no strategic interest to our country, Biden has initiated the final countdown of the petrodollar as the global settlement currency for all energy transactions.

. . .

Zelensky and his handlers, Biden and his handlers, along with the other EU/NATO jokers and fools, have chosen to provoke Putin into war, and are now ratcheting up the rhetoric and sanctions to the point where a wider conflict is all but ensured. These reckless psychopaths clearly have not studied history or human nature when it comes to how wars can escalate rapidly with unanticipated outcomes and death on a massive scale … I am convinced this engineered conflict in Ukraine is part of the bigger Great Reset plan of the global elites.

. . .

This is the point in history when the Great Reset acolytes have decided they can accomplish multiple goals by turning Ukraine into a nightmarish quagmire of death and destruction, fueled by a never ending flow of armaments into this war zone, as a means to overthrow Putin, create food shortages, raise the cost of fossil fuels to astronomical heights, implement further restrictions on civil rights, increase technological controls over the populace, and institute a Chinese like social credit scoring system to enforce obedience and compliance with government demands … After two years of demanding submission from the peasants regarding lockdowns, masking and vaccine mandates, the ruling elite believe they will be able to enforce food and energy restrictions with the same ease upon the American people.

This is where I believe their master plan goes awry. Putin will not be cowed by Biden’s toothless sanctions, empty threats, and pathetic tough guy rhetoric … NATO and the U.S. are one miscalculation away from starting WW3.

. . .

The underlying anger in the [USA] is bubbling to the surface. The raging inflation is crushing poor and middle-class families. Food and energy are the two largest monthly expenditures for families struggling to survive in this Federal Reserve induced billionaire boom society. When diesel fuel supplies dwindle to nothing, destroying our just in time, truck dependent supply chain, and real food shortages start inflicting real pain, civil disobedience and rioting will occur which will make the BLM riots looks like child’s play.

When people no longer have anything to lose, they will lose it and start looking for the culprits who stole their livelihoods and future … Pugnacious Putin has unwittingly, or possibly purposefully, initiated the “sudden” phase of the demise of the crumbling American Empire … Biden lit the fuse, and it is just a matter of when it blows … We are one rash arrogant choice by a low IQ psychopath politician from the final scene in the Planet of the Apes.

. . .

Our republic has degenerated into despotism, we’ve willingly relinquished our freedoms and liberties for the supposed safety and security of a Big Brother surveillance state, and now we will suffer the consequences of these cowardly actions. Life in America is about to become far harder than our generations of snowflakes ever anticipated.

There’s much more at the link.  I strongly recommend that you take the time to click over there and read it in full.  Towards the end, it includes several suggestions as to how to prepare for what’s coming.  We’ve discussed most of them in these pages, too, but they bear repeating.

For further reading on the subject:

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In my life, working in much of sub-Saharan Africa, I’ve watched and experienced three nations – three sovereign states – descend into anarchy, chaos and civil struggle so great as to be far worse than a civil war.  It was individual against individual, family against family, tribe against tribe, town against town, region against region, faith against faith.  In much of Africa, it still is.  None of those three nations has ever fully recovered from their decline – not even close.

I never thought I might see the same in the United States . . . but I fear greatly that in parts of it at least, that’s now more than just a possibility.



  1. When the Middle-class of the U.S. and the Commonwealth Nations are destroyed. Everyone on the planet will be equally interchangeable. They are already replacing lower middle-class jobs in the U.S. by outsourcing customer service and first level tech support overseas where low paid locals take the calls without benefits. The $20 /hr Americans who get life and health benefits are laid off. They are even replacing software programmers and developers with offshore resources so 'learning to code' is not really an option.

    But if you export support to the third world, you get Third World service which is even slower and more unreliable than government Unionized service. Long waits on hold and multiple call transfers become the new normal.

    The Great Reset is to make everything third world. The guilds and merchants that destroyed the aristocracy and brought forth the Enlightenment and the Reformation and the Great Awakening will be no more and the world will return to rule by rich aristocrats.

  2. Modern economies with worse debt to GNP ratios have recovered in recent decades, so it *can* be done. Whether or not the American people and 'leaders' have the stomach for the austerity required is an entirely different debate.

  3. never thought I might see the same in the United States . . . but I fear greatly that in parts of it at least, that's now more than just a possibility.

    For those who failed to allow them to hypnotize and propagandize them into believing that they
    Live in Murca
    And in Murca
    Stuff works like This
    While everything going on says otherwise
    Yeah, we smell it coming.
    Been watching since right after they killed Kennedy.

  4. Never thought of you as an alarmist, more of a moderate to tell the truth. I've been watching this coming for decades and I have no satisfaction in being proven right, quite the opposite actually.

  5. Many nation have declared bankruptcy and rebuilt an economy afterwords. The problem is that if leadership which the US lacks.

    That's sometimes solvable but all the best candidates are "No, leave me alone" types so its going to be difficult at best.

  6. We are going to have a second civil war. Will we be smart enough to return to being a Christian Republic? Even better to place term limits? There is always the law of unintended consequences. If we all play our part, those initiating the great reset may find they were in error.

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