I may resemble that remark

From Pearls Before Swine a couple of days ago (click the image to be taken to a larger version at the comic’s Web site):

I would say that’s a painful reminder of my years . . . except that it isn’t so painful if you can’t remember them all – but I want to!  Dammit, I’ve earned my curmudgeonhood!



  1. They say there's two things about getting older. One is that you start to forget things more. I can't remember the second.


  2. I suspect the other is the one I find myself tripping over. "Hey, I bet so & so could answer this really easily…. crap, he's dead."

    Or 'Knowing too many dead people.'

  3. I suffer from Early Onset Gezzerhood, and have sine I was in my 30's. The major symptoms ar ea disinclination to accept Teh Narrative over reality, but it can pop up in many ways.

    If you're in a mall, looking at the attractive teenyboppers in their whorewear, and you find yourself thinking "Yeah, but they'd want to TALK afterwards and they have nothing to say." then you may have EOG

    If you're listening to some impassioned fool rant about Nazis and White Supremacists and you keep thinking "If Nature abhors a vacuum, what hasn't his head imploded?" you might have EOG

    If you hear the word 'Bipartisan' and immediately put your hand on your wallet, you might have EOG

    If your Liberal acquaintance keep asking "How could Trump win?" and you have to suppress the impulse to say "Because the Democrats nominated a phantasmagorically unattractive apparatchik who ran one of the worst and laziest campaigns ever" because you don't want to make them cry, you might have EOG

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