I think he’s done this before

I have no idea of the backstory to this video, but Dude 1 is talking on a cellphone when Dude 2 charges him with a baseball bat.  Dude 1 has some very effective moves.

Nice chokehold.  Dude 2 was out cold.  I suspect Dude 1 had done this (or something like this) before.

(Dude 2 is also fortunate he didn’t try that on someone carrying a gun.  Under those circumstances, a baseball bat is a potentially lethal weapon any way you look at it, so such an attack would have justified a rather stronger response, IMHO.)



  1. Probably ex cop, because he sure did act like he knew what to do. He also seemed to try to de escalate before the idiot went home to get his bat.

    Like with many idiots these days, the bat swinging man asked for what he got, and got what he deserved.

  2. He also has size and weight going for him, in addition to the noted skill/experience. This gives him the ability to take his opponent down without doing any obvious damage to him. Reverse the sizes, and things may not have gone so damage-free for bat-man.

    That's my problem, everyone is bigger. If I'm able to put someone down, it's going to be by methods that are going to do some real damage, as I'll be forced to make sure they can't get back up to continue the dance. I don't expect to be a happy camper at that point, but my focus is to make them very unhappy.

  3. Dude A is twice the size of Dude B……size is the number one factor in outcome in conflicts not involving firearms. And in that neighborhood Dude A is lucky the phone he dropped wasn't stolen while he was occupied.

    The key was the guy with the bat allowed his intended to get real close….clubs don't work up close and personal, you need a bit of swinging room.

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