1. I was a prison guard for a number of years. Never did it myself, but I did see cases where Thump Therapy actually straightened someone out.
    The trouble comes in when it is over-applied.

  2. My mother was a prison nurse for quite a few years. Including Death Row.

    She said that although medical ethics prevented her, there were times she really longed to set up a Jonestown Cool-Aid party for some of her patients.

    We've got a large number of cousins on one side of the family that work as prison guards. And every family reunion they all get together to trade war stories. I think my favorite was the one about the inmate who finished his term in a California prison and was handed over to a crew from the Texas Department of Corrections to start his sentence there. My cousin was really envious of their rules of engagement . . .

  3. I'd think Michael or Sebastian would include punching in their bailiwicks (combat and athletes respectively).

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