1. I'm coining the term "roof guns." Those guns you put on your roof because you ran out of room on your deck.


  2. Exactly what type of moron advertises this on the internet? He is now a target for everyone from the fbi to the local thief. Glad I don't know them.

  3. What Stuart said. Considering how the adult children on 4Chan used one or two pictures to track and play capture the flag with Shia LaBoef in 2017, nothing is safe.

    Which, of course, makes me believe that Osama Bin's location was known during Bush's presidency, but people hid it until Barky could use it to gain favorable polling data. (This fallen world has turned me into a conspiracy nut. Not far enough to believe in ancient aliens, but…)

  4. What's the point? Getting ready for the next war or revolt? You can only use a couple guns in a shooting war up until you get killed. I would prefer to concentrate my money and time to a few quality weapons and their effective. use. Gotta agree with Stuart… What an idiot to let the world know and set himself and his family up as a target for the oligarchy and their minions presently ion control in Washington.

    Particularly when so many gun owners have had those unfortunate boating accidents.

  5. Spo how does he know which one to clean first? Maybe the wife knows as it will be her job. LOL.

  6. Couple of things. Male seems a tad old to have such a young family. I'd guess that man knows how to weld with the homemade BBQ/smoker. We might be looking at a 'usable' 401k. Lot more fun than metals or stocks! Wait a minute, those are metal with stocks!

  7. [blink] [blink] [blink]

    Is he armorer for a platoon?

    And I'm too lazy to check but if he didn't scrub the EXIF data from that photo it may very well have GPS coordinates.

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