I think I’ve just found Old NFO’s Christmas present


Famously curmudgeonly author, blogger and general old fart (and our good friend) Old NFO is legendary for his salty Navy crustiness.  However, I think I’ve found the way to his heart – and just the thing to fill his Christmas stocking.

Those of you who know and love him, feel free to nominate your favorite among those above in Comments.  (I think he might look absolutely fab in the red-and-yellow one on the left, don’t you?)  I’ll see if I can get him to model the majority favorite for Christmas!



  1. My wife has threatened to make something for me, but she stays busy making baby blankets for family, friends and coworkers.

  2. Time to update the spam filters, Peter! 🙂

    Also, I guess you want OldNFO to fill your mailbox with dog poop or something 😀

  3. There was a time when sailors were noted for their needlework skills. And the grommet, ah, garment on the grinning dude at the right looks like it would make a nifty paraglider.

  4. The garment in the far right image resembles some Native American (is that the current correct term?) garments I saw during various travels. Isn't that cultural appropriation?
    /sarcasm off

  5. The red and yellow is spiffy, but the yellow/blue/green is pretty sporty. I like the white with yellow stripes the best, though. The blue/gray/black might make a pretty good camo outfit, though.

  6. Hey Peter;

    The "Aqua" looking one 2nd from left just screams "Old NFO" since it is aqua, it has that crusty nautical theme down pat., LOL

  7. In the Navy we have a saying: Paybacks are a Bitch…

    JL may just have found the name for his Buckley if you know what I mean 🙂

  8. The blue/green farmer johns and gray-banded combination both look OK. Make them in wool and they might actually be warm.

    The red/brown robe and the white thing both have too many holes to be more than art pieces….

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