I think I’ve met that dog

Sent to me via e-mail this morning, origin unknown:

If it was a cat, of course, it’d blame you when the “jalapenos” get a little too “hot” for its taste . . .



  1. I've owned that dog…very tiring.

    Sky Raisins…then why does everyone get so upset when they land on the biscuit dough? You should be able to fold them into the dough with a little cinnamon for a very nice dessert biscuit.

  2. Well, Judy, some of us don't like raisins in things very much, not even the shrivelled grape kind. See: Garfield ("Swiss toast.")

  3. There's an old story about the camp cook baking damper late at night for the cattle muster crew, and the stockmen complimenting him on adding raisins.

    He was surprised, as he had done no such thing.

    When they investigated, they found that the creek water he had used was full of tadpoles.

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