I think President Putin has described the current condition of the USA very precisely


Here’s a very brief video (less than a minute) in which President Putin of Russia describes how he sees the USA’s position right now.  I highly recommend that you watch it.  He’s speaking in Russian, but subtitles (in English) should come on automatically, because I’ve coded for them.  If they don’t, please click over to the video on YouTube and activate them there.

I think he’s hit the nail squarely on the head.  What say you, readers?

As I said yesterday, I challenge anyone to identify the compelling national security interest of the USA in Ukraine.  All anyone’s been able to come up with so far is “muh DEMOCRACY!” and the like.  Ukraine must sort out its own politics – and democracy there is no more than a chimera, a pipe-dream, and has been for centuries, not decades or years.  The same applies to Russia.  They’re not only foreign nations, they’re foreign cultures, thinking, feeling and behaving very, very differently from ourselves.  That’s no problem, of course – they’re entitled to that – but it means we interfere at our peril, because we can’t visualize the situation through their eyes, and sense their visceral reactions (which are nothing like those they display for public consumption).

President Putin is a pragmatist and a realist.  President Biden and his administration are not.  They’re trying to use Ukraine to re-focus public attention away from their many, many shortcomings and failings.  They won’t succeed.

(To read an absolutely devastating fisking of the Biden administration’s and Democratic Party’s shortcomings after one year in power, go read Larry Correia’s latest.)



  1. Larry Correia's opiumism is stunning.

    He lists all the public failures of the Sockpuppets "Regime" (very well BTW) and then claims "We will VOTE THEM OUT" next year.

    You can vote yourself INTO Socialism-Fascism (AKA Biden's HANDLERS) but you can never vote yourself back out.

    As Stain said, "It is Important the People Vote, it's MORE Important WHO Counts the Votes".

    The Deep State, the Media Mouthpiece and the Big Businesses that SELECT our "Leadership" through "Donations" and graft COUNT THE VOTES.

    Just like LAST TIME.

    The People that select ALSO Known as the Powers that BE LIKE what Bidens Handlers are DOING or they would all have "Accidents" Aka Hillery Clinton style "Suicides".

    Winter isn't coming, IT'S HERE.

    Almost Last Call at the Amazon ordering system.

  2. Russia is working to claim it's previous region of NovoRossiya, from Donbass to Odessa. This is not going to be stopped by Biden waving his sons genitals at Putin. Another aspect of all of this is the push eastward by NATO, a move that certainly spooks the Red Bear. The Ukranian people need to figure out what they are willing to do – be neighbors to Russia or suck up to Europe who relies on the US to sort out their problems because they're too busy playing Game Of Thrones. The US should stay the fuck out of this, it is not our fight.

  3. this is purely a struggle to keep the biden mafia in the grift. they have been robbing ukraine blind for decades. as to "democracy", we have a republic not a democracy. second, ukraine had one until hillary/brenen overthrew their elected president to protect the graft. there are no viable options b/c nato is a total shambles, unable to even get an interceptor up in the air the other day. they are wagging the dog, and 165 national guard troops in ukraine are in the middle.

  4. We voted to keep them out in 2020 and where did that get us?

    If we don't see the same scale of cheating in the fall elections that we saw in the Presidential election, I will be praising God.

  5. The Democrats are getting desperate to stay in office in any way possible and they're cornered in using everything possible to change the system in their own favor.
    Don't be surprised if they start a War with Russia to do it too.
    They know the Midterm Elections will decimate their party and fearful of repercussions from their own self interest partisanship.
    Getting the Midterm Elections canceled due to being under a National State of Emergency with a Declaration of War is the only next logical step that they can take.
    Canada has sent a single Warship yesterday to join a coordinated group of NATO countries.
    The only reason I see is the United States is about to get into another real War.
    President Biden already hinted that the Midterm Elections maybe illegitimate. This would mean that the United States is under curfew and the FBI would enforcement of government mandates.

    I hope I'm wrong but don't think so.

  6. He nails it on the head. Pride, ego, hubris, whatever you want to call it.

    The problem is we are not the same country we were post WW2 internally or externally. Yet they continue to act like the US still holds that seat at the table.

    At least domestic and international policy are consistent. They are both based on a fantasy.

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