I want one!

I’m both amused and impressed by news of the S&S Stalker.

You probably haven’t seen anything quite like the S&S Stalker multi-purpose tactical vehicle. It’s a prop-driven, parachute lofted aircraft and an open-air ground assault vehicle in one super-capable package.

The Stalker has been in development for 10 years and has just gotten the FAA flight certification a couple weeks ago. The vehicle needs to hit just 27 mph and cover 250 feet to launch. Once airborne, the truck can’t roll, dive or stall, making it easy to fly and tough to crash.

There’s more at the link, including a picture of the strange-looking craft.

Basically, the Stalker appears to be a ruggedized, militarized cross between an ultralight trike and a paraglider.  I think it has intriguing possibilities for Special Forces troops who need their own ultra-portable transport to cross difficult terrain as quickly as possible.  However, knowing something of the boys in SF, I suspect the temptation to make low-level firing passes will be irresistible!

(Hmmm . . . speaking of low-level firing passes, I wonder if I could borrow one of these things for our next Blogorado gathering of gun-bloggers?  I know someone who could pilot it for us . . . )


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