I want one!!!


The Babylon Bee does it again.

Popular New Ejection Porch Automatically Launches Vaccine Evangelists Into The Stratosphere

An American manufacturer has been overwhelmed with preorders for its brand new “ejection porch,” which is specially designed to detect when Biden’s vaccine evangelists are at your door so it can launch them into the stratosphere.

Dang!  A product I’d willingly pay big money to buy, but it’s only a satire!  Now, if we can just persuade the Bee to partner with an entrepreneurial spirit to actually build it . . . hello?  Calling Mike Lindell?  Mike???



  1. Wouldnā€™t buying (or rescuing) a huge dog have the same results, arguably funnier, and with smaller legal consequences? Not an ATTACK dog, mind. Something bouncy and slobbery, that sheds.

  2. All kidding aside, have any of these Brownshirts knocked on any of your doors? If so, how was the interaction?

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