I want this as a watch band

As soon as I saw the promotional material for the forthcoming Leatherman Tread multitool, I couldn’t help but imagine:  what would this be like as a watchband?

My next thought was:  how many heart attacks would it give TSA inspectors if you tried to carry it through their checkpoints at the airport?  Just mention ‘multitool’ in their hearing and it’s good enough for an X-rated pat-down.


EDITED TO ADD: A commenter informs me that it is, indeed, available as a watch: but at an estimated price of $500-$600, that’s too rich for my blood.


  1. I'm sure we all have spent at least $500 on stuff we thought we just had to have at one time or another. I imagine many of us will do so again.
    This is a mans gadget that you won't be seeing on any woman's wrist.

    Bull dyke maybe… woman no.

  2. Until I saw the price I was tempted to buy one to see the look on the faces of the TSA types. It's not often they are forced to genuinely think about something.

  3. How many screws does that thing have anyway – Wow! Really would wear out my patience finding the correct fit. A paired sheath with ignition pliers / multi-tool offers plenty of repair options.

    That does look cool though!

  4. TSA? Think? Really? No, some bureaucrat will take one look at that, decide it's a weapon that's too dangerous to allow on a plane, because even if someone couldn't be hurt seriously with that, someone could take the plane apart or something, and issue a memo that this tool can't be allowed through. The ban won't be based on logic or thought, just a knee-jerk reaction by some moron who couldn't qualify for honest employment.

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