I wish the resemblance weren’t so close…


From Twitter user HOZ:

They say that every 90 years humans repeat the same behavior.

1916-1929 vs 2000-2022.

The end game…

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Worried yet?  I think we should be, because nobody in authority seems to give a damn…




  1. Remember to factor in inflation:

    1929: $1.00


    2021: $15.85

    So, with rough napkin math, that 1929 ~$380 Dow Jones Peak compares to the 2021 peak at ~$2,366 in 1929 dollars. That's a overall change of about 6.25X. That's not too shabby, right?

    Factor in population change. In 1930, population was 123M, and in 2020, it was an estimated 333M, an increase of 2.7X. You would expect an economy to grow according to its population growth. So, in terms of economic growth by population, that's an expansion of 2.3X.

    That's it? We transitioned from a largely agricultural/resource economy to an industrial economy, had the post-WW2 boom years where we were the only major industrialized nation that wasn't blown to pieces, electrified the whole country, the information economy revolution transformed into the Internet revolution, the malls have risen and fallen and it doesn't matter because of online shopping, combine harvesters are GPS guided, and we only have a 2.3X per capita improvement, using the DJIA as a proxy metric over 90 very significant years of multiple quantum improvements?

  2. My image of the White House peons is something like this – Our jo-jo's sitting in the corner with his fingers in his pudding while a bunch of highly educated liberals, all whom are convinced and believe all the Rainbows and Unicorns visions they've all been told their entire life and believe fervently are now running in circles while pulling out their hair because all the things they are doing ARE NOT WORKING!! How can this Be, how did this Fail, why won't people just Believe! It must be we are not explaining it correctly, we'll just have to dumbit down ever more to them so even the dumbest ones will understand. And nobody has noticed that jo-jo just painted the wallpaper with his chocolate pudding.

  3. Peter I pulled all but a smidgen out of the 401K I am 61 I figured why in the hell worry about eating 5 yrs from now when six months looks bleak.I don't think we come back in the same system when this is all over?what system?ask the Good Lord.

  4. I don't want to put on a tinfoil hat, but…

    Others have made the point that the economic collapse of the Great Depression enabled FDR to massively expand Federal powers; and voiced their suspicions that the puppeteers behind Biden might be trying to make history repeat itself. It seems more plausible than I'd like, especially after Biden expressed concern in his speech earlier this week about inflation, then, hours later, his Department of the Interior canceled the sale of oil and gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. That little executive decision means no additional supply of crude oil, which in turn means no expansion of the supplies of refined gas, diesel, or other petrochemicals. (And that's just the most recent example that comes to mind!)

    Hanlon's Razor tells us to presume "Cock-up before conspiracy." I'd ask Hanlon, "Why not both?"

  5. Remember that math has to have a value for the integer. I mentioned that to a blogger who said the USA has SO much More Money than Russia and thus they were doomed.

    40+ billion dollars to Ukraine are simply more fake money created out of thin air and THAT reduces the value of Every other US Dollar out there.

    So, when my rather healthy IRA and 401K and Social Security monies get so devalued unto worthlessness a Trillion US Dollars X 0 = ZERO Value.

    That's a fancy way of saying 1 million Zimbabwe dollar bank note is worthless because they fake monied and hyperinflated their economics to failure.

    Welcome to the future of the US Dollar. The Monkeys running this Clown Show are either Ignorant of Reality to destroy our economy so haphazardly OR they are OBEYING Orders from the Powers that BE (Hint Not Politicians) to be Balefully destroying America.

    Got trusted friends? Got over a years' worth of food, safe water, ability to repair your home when chaos damage occurs? (Broken windows, holes in roof etc.?) Got skills, tools and materials to DO things beyond yapping about Russia's going down?

    DO set aside some rapidly devaluing money for Stock Market Fire Sales. Ask the Germans of Weimar Germany how that worked out.

    Maybe this time it's "Really Different this time" and common sense will save the RMS Titanic from sinking.

    Tempus fugit.

  6. Sorry incomplete thought.

    The Great Depression of the 1920's we HAD a strong Industrial base and a healthy farming system. Fertilizer wasn't a problem. Our Population was low enough that more natural fertilizers were effective. Citizens were for the most part law abiding and proud to be American. No real welfare system so it was root hog or die and American work ethic was pretty strong.

    The GREATER Depression coming soon to America we have off shored our industry, our farmers require massive diesel and fertilizer to be productive (and shortages of both, mostly from Own Goals from our Monkeys running the show).

    Work ethic? Have you noticed the massive Help Wanted" signage? Plenty of good paying jobs offering free and paid while learning, training go unfilled. Seems welfare-EBT pays too well (until it doesn't).

    Citizens? We have a fairly large very vocal and active element that seems to have legal protection from prosecution that can act out against even Supreme Court Judges without arrest. How many Antifa are in prison for the "Mostly Peaceful Protests" of Portland and such?

    How many folks that attempted to defend themselves and their property from "Peaceful Protest" are still fighting the legal system.

    Bread and circuses kept Rome's mobs happy until they ran out of bread.

    We are almost running out of bread.

    During the Weimar Germany economic collapse folks got paid weekly and RAN to the Store with their cash to SPEND it before the prices increased.

    Tempus fugit

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