I’d pay to see that!

A man convicted of a traffic offense in England suggested a novel way to resolve the matter. The Telegraph reports:

A court has rejected a 60-year-old man’s attempt to invoke the ancient right to trial by combat, rather than pay a £25 fine for a minor motoring offence.

Leon Humphreys remained adamant yesterday that his right to fight a champion nominated by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was still valid under European human rights legislation. He said it would have been a “reasonable” way to settle the matter.

Magistrates sitting at Bury St Edmunds on Friday had disagreed and instead of accepting his offer to take on a clerk from Swansea with “samurai swords, Gurkha knives or heavy hammers”, fined him £200 with £100 costs.

There’s more at the link.

Who knows? If more motorists were willing to take it to the limit, perhaps the traffic cops and parking police would be less heavy-handed!


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  1. Peter, you failed to mention the terribple offense for which he was originally fined. Running a stop sign? No. Speeding? No. Failing to license his vehicle? No.

    Humphrey was fined for "for failing to notify the DVLA that his Suzuki motorcycle was off the road.

    Don't they have anything better to do then look for vehicles that aren't being used?

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