If genies were Southern . . .

. . . you’d get something like this.

The genie of the gravy boat . . . does it matter if it’s been used for brown gravy or country gravy?  With or without mushrooms?  Does one get a better quality of wish with sausage chunks in it?  And if the genie really can’t fulfill your wish, does he simply say, “Well, bless your heart!”?



  1. "Bless Your Little Heart" is the curse of the genie, for desecrating and abusing the gravy boat. You're doomed.

  2. I does love me some "It's a Southern Thing."
    Bunch of real Southern folk making cute videos that mostly make fun of our southern idiosyncrasies.
    A ton of these already on their own YouTube channel with a new one every Tuesday.

  3. What is this "Country" gravy you speak of? Sausage gravy, biscuit gravy, maybe white gravy or pepper gravy.

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