If it had sails, it’d be gon-dola with the wind!


I was mind-boggled to find this video over at the always interesting Old Salt Blog.

NPR reports:

“Noah’s Violin” is the most recent creation of Venetian artist Livio De Marchi. He’s sent plenty of other wooden works out to sea, including a giant shoe and an origami hat.

This large-scale replica is made from about a dozen different kinds of wood, with nuts, bolts and space for a motor inside, according to the The New York Times.

De Marchi, who came up with the idea during last year’s lockdown, told the newspaper that the violin is a “sign of Venice restarting.” He named it after Noah’s ark because he sees it as bringing a message of hope — artistically and culturally — after a storm.

There’s more at the link.

Hmmm . . . one could say many things about this, not always classical in nature.  As Shakespeare put it, “If music be the food of love, play on“.  In this case, the musical food is obviously fishy.  It must be a piano tuna – a highly strung one!



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