1. Why? I've never seen Kudzu on the road.

    I am a Southerner. I have never heard the expression " sneeze through a screen door. "

  2. If that system takes over the cars, then the South ain't ever gonna rise again. They'd rip 'em out so they can drive their own selves. And yes, all my kin are from the Clinch River valley.

  3. If y'all haven't already do go check out "It's a Southern Thing" on YouTube.
    Dozens of short videos having fun with all sorts of Southern traits and mannerisms.
    Having now lived more than half my life in Alabama after moving from Illinois I can appreciate the humor.

  4. "I've never seen Kudzu on the road."

    I used to live in a very rural area of Alabama, and there were a couple of roads where we'd drive as close to the edge as we could just to keep the kudzu off till the county sprayed it .

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