If this is ‘fashion’, I’m determined to stay unfashionable!

I can’t for the life of me even begin to understand the so-called ‘fashion’ world. My astonishment, perplexity and downright disgust at this colossal waste of time and resources were renewed today when I came across an article about the latest fashion show by Italian designer Gianni Molaro. Just look at these examples of what he inflicted on the models who paraded them down the catwalk!

There are more pictures at the link.

I’ve heard it said that most fashion designers are sadists who hate women, and most of those who wear their ‘creations’ are masochists who hate themselves. Garments (?) like those illustrated above make me suspect that there may be more to that saying than humor alone!



  1. "i can't for the life of me even begin to understand the so-called 'fashion' world."

    I'll explain it in as few words as possible:

    Gay men fashion designers hate rivals (pretty women) so they make them look ludicrus to the hethro-male population.

    Men being men (hethro) oogle at the legs, breasts, ets and laugh at the stupid dresses or whatever is worn.

    Women being women (hethro-females) basically ignore the who psychological game playing.


  2. Like technical climbing, it seems of most interest to the perp…participants. The models have a job, and the designers(?) need to out-design the other designers. Everybody gets paid, presumably, and there is not so much arterial bleeding.

    WV, truly: stylitin

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