If you shoot Russian ammo, it’s about to run out


The State Department is imposing sanctions on further imports of Russian ammunition.  Details here.

If you’ve relied on Tula, Wolf, Barnaul or the like to feed your 7.62x39mm AK-47 or SKS, or used their steel-case handgun ammo as a cheap-shooting option, what you’ve got on hand is all you’ll get.  In the few hours since the announcement was made, all the online ammo vendors I’ve just checked have suddenly sold out of them.  SGAmmo is still listing old, corrosive Yugoslav 7.62x39mm. ammo, which will work fine if you clean your gun carefully after every use – but if there’s an ammo panic, it won’t last long.  Get it while you can.

(I’m not worried. I’ve got mine.)



  1. You see where this is headed, right? Disarmament. They can't take over or open the camps as long as the people retain the means to resist

  2. THe Deep State tries another way to disarm America.

    Just remember, someday the best way to get more ammo will be to strip it off of their corpses.

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