If you wanted proof that Antifa is the enemy of the USA . . .

. . . here it is, from the demonstrations in Berkeley last weekend.

After seeing that, I’m forced to conclude that anyone who supports or encourages Antifa and its ilk has thereby self-identified as an enemy of the USA, of our constitution and laws, and of our future as a nation.

I, for one, plan to respond accordingly.  I recommend the same to my readers.



  1. It wasn't clear who was chanting. Most of the masked people in the foreground looked like they were standing around watching and talking among themselves. So it may have been the "peaceful" demonstrators chanting while the masked antifa types were waiting for somebody to attack.

  2. I don't believe that people should be allowed to look and act like ISIS and not be considered terrorists.
    They should all be arrested and charged as such.

  3. They should all be arrested and charged as such.

    I suspect, when the time comes – and that time is getting closer – the necessary response will be somewhat more "kinetic" than mere arrests.

    Speech is one thing, but The Left is progressing well beyond "speech," and has succeeded in establishing alliances with institutions which, in the past, had the responsibility to ensure "speech" could be freely practiced (see: "Charlottesville;" also: "Rule 308").

  4. @ Shoe, I don't think you understand the concept of free speech. NOBODY is saying that Antifa isn't allowed to say what they're chanting.

    "I'm going to kill Boris" isn't without consequences.
    "We are going to destroy your nation" isn't without consequences.

    @ PeterB – Unfortunately many friendships have already been lost and I dare say a couple more will be as well before we're done

    I read recently that Church based protest group were a little frantic that they were about to be lumped in with Antifa when Antifa is finally designated a terrorist group. Antifa could NOT run without the "peaceful" protesters providing cover for them. How many video's have we all seen where a Antifa thugs arm darts out from behind "Old people against hate" and strike a supporter of the democratically elected President? How many? Sometimes you are judged by the company you keep. If everyone on the Right can be judged by that ONE plant with carrying a Nazi flag (with the creases from the pack it was just taken out of) and by other fools chanting stupid stuff (for the camera) then all of the Left can be tarred with the same brush as Antifa. As the same brush that points at Muslims throwing homosexuals off roof tops.

  5. @Shoe: We are all about free speech – but free speech is a right that carries with it a duty; it's a privilege that carries with it a responsibility. One can shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater; but if there is no fire, and if people are injured or killed in the resulting panic, the person who shouted it will (quite rightly) be held civilly and criminally liable for what he said.

    If a mob of demonstrators calls for "No USA at all!", they have the right to do so; but they also have to accept the responsibility for what follows, in that those who love their country, and particularly those (including myself) who've sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and laws of this country, will react to that. Saying it is one thing. Trying to achieve or accomplish it is entirely another – because we will stop them.

    I fought terrorism and communism in one form or another for eighteen years, in and out of uniform. I know what the reality of leftist dogma is, and what it inevitably leads to. I've seen it far too often, in too many countries, to be in any doubt about that. (For the most recent example, see Venezuela.)

    I will not see it here.

    That's not a threat. That's a promise.

  6. One cannot call any people who are masked demonstrators. They are AGITATORS.
    We should pass a bill that in order to have a demonstration one cannot mask your face or hide who you are.

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