If you’re following me on Gab . . .

. . . the new social medium that I mentioned a couple of days ago, please let me know here (or there) so that I can follow you in turn.  Several of you have mentioned that you’re doing that, but since I don’t know your user names over there, I can’t return the favor.  Leave a comment here, or post a message to me there @PeterG, to let me know.




  1. I tried to follow you, but it looks like Gab's servers are getting hammered.

    Try following @Kristophr , and I'll follow back.

  2. Just got on yesterday, so I don't even know if it's anything I'll use. Anyway, user "lnf".

  3. I figured it out … the "Forge a New Blade" cover is an image hosted by blogspot, and its refusal to load as https with the rest of the page is driving my noscript add-on bonkers.

    Used an un-secure browser and followed you.

  4. You're already following me, @aetherczar, thanks. Looking forward to meeting you at LibertyCon.

  5. Differently sane @McChuck is now following you. Please do not adjust your rear view mirror. You hear a strange noise. You see a piece of paper.

    Quick options: move Forward, turn Left, turn Right, go Back, listen to Noise, look at Paper, Gab with @mcchuck.

  6. Been following as @fjgumby for a while now. (Yes, I have glasses and a mustache, and sometimes wear a knotted handkerchief. Been F. J. Gumby since forever.)
    Occasionally lurking on Gab; not posting much. Right at the moment, it looks, er, kinda like the comment section at LGF back in the day, plus scattered antisemitism. Maybe some cute photos of ducklings would help?

  7. Bibliotheca Servare @BibliothecaServare. I haven't posted anything yet (too shy, mostly, and unsure of how to use the thing, especially from my phone) but I've liked and "retweeted" (re-gabbed"? I didn't use twitter, but I know the term retweet, so I figured that was what I should call it…) some things! 🙂

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