I’m not swimming there, no matter how much you pay me!


Received from reader E. S., this photograph, which he says was taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.  It gives me the shivers just to look at it!  Click the image for a larger view.

I presume the power’s still out, or that pool and those transformers would be spittin’ and sparkin’ like there was no tomorrow.  I hope the electric company can get them out of there before someone throws the switch and starts the power rolling again…



  1. One other rather nasty thought:
    If those transformers are old enough, they may contain PCBs in the transformer oil.
    Some leaky transformers become the subject of a local Hazmat cleanup site.

  2. I work for a power company in Alaska… and have just sent that picture too all of our engineers here.

    One reply "That was not a good spot to put the pool!"

    From our transmission VP.

    Man… talk bout a buzzkill.

    I will update with any other good responses.

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