1. Hey Peter

    The new generation is in it for the hookups. Stuff like this is more commonplace than people realize. There is a disturbing lack of faith in dealing with people when you are in a relationship. I am glad that I ain't in the dating world. My values are kinda old fashioned….

  2. Not just this generation…I dropped a GF 20 years ago like a bad habit once I found out. No fighting, no screaming, just…bye. She can't be trusted, and it's manipulative in the extreme to manufacture a scene for him to fight over her.

  3. That's so pathetic I don't know where to begin. She may be female, she may identify as a woman, but she is most certainly not a lady. People like her make the rest of us XX chromosome people look so bad.


  4. I thought that "fighting over a woman" was considered evil, because it implied possession. not to mention that being aggressive and fighting was considered bad in and of itself.

    you reap what you sow, preach things long enough and people may actually start doing what you tell them to do, rather than what you want them to do.

    David Lang

  5. Huh. I don't remember "fighting the man you cheated with" and "forgiving you" ever being in the same sentence back in the day.

  6. At 53, I have been out of the dating game for years. I'm single, and likely to remain that way. Trust just doesn't seem to be an aspect of relationships anymore.

  7. I understand I might have been brought up funny. But doesn't the liberation of women's movement guarantee the right to make your mistakes and live with the consequences? Won't list the things I'm not supposed to do anymore — but keep doing anyway, because chivalry is not entirely dead. But fight to keep your cheating hide is still on the to do list?

    Sorry, honey. Your kisses just aren't that magical. Buh-bye.

    Above is the conversation I wish I had had. Sigh. Ended up costing so much more in time, effort, and eventually money.


  8. But doesn't the liberation of women's movement guarantee the right to make your mistakes and live with the consequences?

    No, Paul. The women's liberation movement, aka feminism, wants to guarantee women the right to make mistakes and you live with, pay for, and accept without complaint, the consequences. Same as all progressive plans for society.

  9. Wasn't this the same era that the woman needed protecting from coyotes, and, after fighting the other man, you slapped her, or at least spanked her? Because she was not as responsible as the man.

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