In Britain, the triple vaccinated may be “just weeks away from developing AIDS”


That has to be one of the most horrifying headlines I’ve ever read – but it comes from a source that’s been shown to be right, AFAIK, every time it’s made a claim about an aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic.  I have no idea whether this claim is correct;  but the source offers a lot of supporting evidence.

The latest official figures from the UK Health Security Agency show that triple vaccinated people aged 30-70 have now lost at least 70% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system of unvaccinated people.

Their immune systems are deteriorating between 10 and 30% per week on average, with the deterioration much larger and quicker among the younger age groups.

If this continues at the current rate then all triple vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds will have 100% immune system degradation by the middle of April 2022, with all other triple vaccinated age-groups following suit not long after.

In other words, official UK Government data strongly suggests the triple vaccinated population are rapidly developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

. . .

All triple vaccinated adults will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (for viruses and certain cancers) within 5 months, but 18 to 39-year-olds will have lost it by the middle of April 2022, followed by 40-49-year-olds who will have lost it by the middle of May. These people will then effectively have full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

There’s more at the link, including exhaustive documentation of their claim.

Does anyone know whether similar data is available concerning US triple-vaccinated individuals and groups?  I presume, if the British authorities are gathering it for their own population, someone over here is gathering it for ours.  I’d really like to know whether there’s any transatlantic correlation.

It’s interesting that this form of AIDS is not caused by infection with HIV, but exposes the patient to the same risk of catching potentially fatal diseases as the latter.  Will HIV itself make a comeback through this new channel of infection?  That remains to be seen.

If this report is true, even though it may involve only “viruses and certain cancers” rather than every potential illness, then one can only recoil in horror at the prospect for the future health and well-being of entire nations, not just individuals.  I hope and pray the report is wrong . . . but that may be no more than wishful thinking.  If it’s true, then food shortages are about to become the least of our worries.



    1. Fear mongering panic porn pushed by a successful propaganda machine disguised as "media." The feeble minded sheeple were more than happy to comply.

    2. Tom Clancy wrote the book about a scenario quite similar to the Flu Manchu Plandemic. It's called "Rainbow Six." The problem with the Plandemicfor those who created it is it didn't kill enough people. So what we're now seeing is their Plan B — a manufacturing war against the BRICS countries who produce most of the commodities, items and implements the rest of the world needs which will create a Plan famine.

      They've set all four horsemen loose to try their best to kill 95+% of the people on the planet. The problem for the planners of this is they won't be able to sustain the lifestyle they have for very long. Equipment breaks, fuels, food, and other items become unusable over time. They'll be no one left to manufacture the items they need or to build and maintain the automation systems they think will do the jobs for them.

  1. You are assuming that Gov't & Big Tech would allow information that contradicts the narrative out, instead of suppressing it. I have no doubt the information is being collected, remember the Armed Forces data that was suddenly "corrected" or is being collected informally by health workers seeing it with their own eyes, but publishing that information will get you censored by Big Tech, and may cost you your job.

    "The emperor has very fine clothes"

  2. If this is true, and I'll await arrival of "confirmed accurate hard data from a known reliable source" before rendering judgment, it means that the Unvaxxed should be extremely careful in their associations with the Vaxxed, and expecially the Triple-Vaxxed, because the Vaxxed can easily become carriers for more than Covid.

    Again, if true, the Unvaxxed will have better immune systems than the Vaxxed but a wise person will not deliberately subject himself to risk of infection.

  3. I've been reading this basic story, about a different form of AIDS (than HIV infection) sweeping the population for months, now.

    I have no way of fact checking all the details in this report, but it's supposed to be from the Military doctors who became whistleblowers and testified in congress recently.

    From 2016 to 2020, the five-year average for military members developing nervous system diseases was about 82,000 per year. Between this past August and January, right when Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for the troops went into effect, that number jumped by 1,048% to 863,013.

    For some reason, they chose the headline that "More than 20,000 service members became sterile after Covid vaccination." The rest of the article is far more horrible than that.

  4. Glypto Dropem may be right.

    Then again, that is exactly what you would expect the agitprop from Pfizer/Moderna/CDC/NIH would be saying in order to buy themselves more time to erect the barricades and prepare the escape routes.

    Deny, obfuscate, make counter-accusations.

    I guess time will tell. This isn't something that can be covered up forever. But I sure wouldn't be getting another booster, if I were anyone who was thinking about getting more vaxx.

  5. I won't say that there's nothing to this, but so far this doesn't pass the personal "smell-test" any more than this past winter being one of "misery and death" for the unvaxed. I know lots of folks both vaxed and not, neither set is still any less healthy than the other at this point, hyperbola of both camps not withstanding. Yes, I know that the word is a bigger place than my circle, but after the last couple of years, my starting place has to be what I can see with my own eyes.

  6. If this rings true, then it will honestly be hard for me to muster sympathy for the vaxxed, save for family and friends. Hell, fewer people means less people affected by potential food shortages.

  7. Actually Peter, this will solve the food shortage problems rather handily.

    And be seen as a feature, rather than a bug.

  8. While there are lots of side effects to the vaccines, this seems an awfully big jump from what has been documented before. I'd like to see more support for this claim.

    What vaccine are they using in Britain? Is it Pfizer, Moderna, or something else?
    In the US, we're used to discussions about these 2, but don't forget there are a bunch of others in use globally, some of which make these 2 look mild in terms of side effects.

  9. The UK government data may be right or not. But the Daily Expose is dodgy. Karl Denninger caught them plagiarizing some of his statistical analysis work where he detailed how the different lots of covid-19 shots had wildly different rates of adverse reactions. It was at this point I stopped reading the Daily Expose.

  10. In lieu of my previous comment, the Daily Expose has made a prediction, and I love about predictions is that they are testable. The prediction they make is by mid April, lets say April 15th since that's tax day in the U.S., that those between 18 and 39 who have received all three shots will have completely degraded immunity and will start to die off at the rate comparable to AIDS infected in the early 90's.

    So, April 15th. Tax day for those in the U.S. We'll see if the prediction is real or not.

  11. The article has several deficiencies.
    1. The assumption that decline in effectiveness of the vax against covid is caused exclusively by an overall decline in immune function. That hasn't been measured. The negative efficacy could be explained just as easily by antibody dependent enhancement. The truth is that independent measures of immune function (infection rates for unrelated diseases) would be needed to make the case for VAIDS.
    2. The assumption that we can extrapolate current rates all the way to 0%, rather than asymptotically approaching a low value of function. Reminds me of an old joke about this extrapolation fallacy:

    During a flight, an engine of a plane stopped working. So the captain went on the intercom and said, "Attention passengers, the plane has experienced a technical issue with one of our four engines, so we will be arriving at our destination a little later."

    A short while later, another engine came to a halt and had smoke trailing from it. The captain got on the intercom again and said, "Attention passengers, we are having a minor issue with another of our engines."

    He continued, "But do not worry, we still have two functioning engines. However, we will be arriving at our destination an hour late." The passengers began to grumble but hoped for the best.

    10 minutes later, the third engine stopped, and the captain quickly went on the intercom and said, "Attention passengers, we have one engine left, so we are looking for an open runway for an emergency landing and maintenance. We expect this will cause a 4 hour delay."

    One of the passengers then stood up and said, "Thank goodness the fourth engine did not stop working. Otherwise, we would be up here all day."

  12. What Brutus said.

    The harm being done by the vaccines, even going by only the official figures, is immense. Outlandish claims and predictions such as the one made by dailyexpose are a distraction from the real issue, which is that the vaccines should not have been rushed into universal rollout and that they should be withdrawn immediately to halt further injury.

  13. The data cited is for resistance against covid-19 in all of its variants. They would have to show data indicating reduced immunity to other infectious disease (clods, flus, all of the weird stuff AIDS victims used to get prior to 1995) to demonstrate a generalized decline in immune function of those who got all three shots. This data is not included in this Expose article.

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