In case you were wondering what this election is all about . . .

. . . this video says it all.

It seems that less than half the country believes this woman should grow up, accept responsibility for her own life and her own mistakes, and work to correct them.  The remainder – sadly, seemingly more than half – seem to believe that it’s Big Brother’s job to take care of them (at taxpayer expense, of course).

Makes the choices rather clearer, doesn’t it?



  1. …And THAT is why I'm afraid Hildabeast will win. Only because the average american voter is Brain dead and there are alot more of these types out there then there are of us and for the same reason sock puppet got in, she will because she is a "women"..we all know if that happens, we are doomed from the get go. At this point all we can do is circle the wagons and load up on the weapons and ammo and try to make to the other side. Speaking for myself the last eight years havebeen hell for me and the wife, more than once we almost lost it all. If you would have told me 20 years ago I would be living like Iam today at 60 I would have said "what are you smoking and can I have some"…


  2. "Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay"

    Well truer words were never spoken, but I don't think she has any inkling of the irony involved.

  3. She will have a couple more "dindo nuffin" and one will get stopped by the popo and by his poor life decisions will get capped by the PoPo and that will be the dinner bell for the "ghetto Lottery."

  4. If someone offered the idea that a Succesful Urban Renewal and Social Improvement Program would involve Arc Light flights over sections of U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas it might take me quite some time to make a list of reasons not to do it.

    Seems we're already doing it, but from ground level up rather than the reverse and at a much slower rate.

  5. I look at Angel and I am disgusted that there are people out there like that. She's stupid, but she made her own choices and as far as I am concerned, she can starve.

    But her kids… They had no say in the matter.

    …and that's the catch-22 that our country finds itself in these days. It was the welfare state that created this situation in the first place, and it is what perpetuates it. (Just 20 years ago, Angel herself was a child like one of these. It's the only life they know.)

    I don't know what the solution is. Indeed, I don't know if there *is* a solution that doesn't involve a huge reckoning costing thousands of lives and the destruction of our way of life.

    I fear the Hildabeast is going to win and that reckoning is going to be sooner than we think.

  6. Too bad there is no way we can hold LBJ accountable for his 'Great Society'. How about this, anytime congress comes up with an entitlement bill it has to state a clear goal and it has to have a sunset date? If the bill does not meat it's goals in that time it dies.

  7. Holy crap, I was a little sympathetic for the first 20 seconds or so, after all my mother's family was very large and they sometimes struggled(don't worry they all turned out ok) but there is a big damn difference in sympathy between "This is hard and we need help" and "Somebody needs to pay".

  8. "It's for the children"

    The Road to hell is paved with you know what.

    Harden up is all the advice I can give, and expend your resources and concern on more salvageable people.

    Heck, expend your resources on young Caucasian married couples from your church or social network. Those people can be scarce these days, but they're the ones that will build the future.

    That means offering opportunity, networking, project help, business help, buying their goods, etc. That will produce a far greater return than any amount of food, money, or time devoted to any one of those 15 kids.

  9. "Somebody needs to be held accountable"

    Yup, that'd by you sunshine. You are accountable for your actions/choices. This shitshow is all on you.

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