In honor of Halloween

The Telegraph has published a picture gallery of strange and interesting graves.  Here are a few selections.

Here lies Fernand Arbelot, a musician and actor who died in 1942.  He wished to gaze into his wife’s eyes even after death.

This remarkable grave is located in the Dutch town of Roermond. One one side of the wall lies JWC van Gorkum, a 19th century Catholic woman of nobility, on the other her husband, a Protestant. When he died, he was buried in the lot reserved for Protestants. Eight years later she passed away too, leaving directions for this monument – with the pair holding hands over the wall that divides the Catholic and Protestant cemeteries – to be built.

Another striking grave in Paris is that belonging to Charles Pigeon and his family at the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris. It features Charles, propped up in bed with his wife and overlooked by an angel.

There are many more images at the link.  Interesting – albeit slightly creepy – viewing.

Next, I had no idea that so many people, places and institutions had held underwater pumpkin carving contests!  See this selection of videos at YouTube.

Lastly, Les Jones shares ‘The Worst-Tasting Thing – a Delicious Tale of Halloween Horror‘.  It’s not safe for work, but it made me laugh, so I thought you’d enjoy it too.

No tricks here – just treats!


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