In memoriam: Pat Rogers

One of the top firearms and tactics instructors in the USA, Pat Rogers (whom we’ve met in these pages before) has died.  It was apparently completely unexpected, and may have involved complications after an unrelated medical procedure.  I hope to learn more in the coming days.

To give you some idea of the fullness of Pat’s life, here’s his bio from Panteao Productions, who produced his training videos.

Pat was born in Brooklyn NY in 1946. He has worked shining shoes; delivering newspapers; pumping gas; working on a ride in Coney Island; driving a taxi; a sport parachute instructor, a photographer, and for an airline company that serviced the Far East. He served in the active and reserve components as a United States Marine starting in 1963. He served in the former Republic of Vietnam with 3rd Marine Division. He was an 1811 Tank Crewman; 0311 Rifleman; 0369 Infantry Unit Leader; 8531 Primary Marksmanship Instructor; 8662 Parachutist; 5702 NBC Specialist; 5702 NBC Officer. He served for 5 years in the Foreign Material Acquisition Exploitation Unit, and finished as Chief Warrant Officer 2. He was a NYC Correction Officer; a NYC Police Officer, serving in Patrol; Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit; Anti-Crime; investigator in Manhattan Robbery Squad, Central Robbery Division. As a Sgt he served in Patrol; Anti-Crime; in the Chief of Detectives Office; as a supervisor in the Technical Assistance Response Unit, and as a Hostage Negotiator. He was decorated 54 times, to include the Medal of Valor. He worked as an IC with the Counter Terrorism Center of OGA. He was an SME evaluating the DOS Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program. He was a Rangemaster at Gunsite for 12 years. He has been the principal at EAG since 1989. He was the 464th person in the US to accrue 1000 Free Fall Parachute Jumps (USPA Gold Wings #464), the 203rd to accrue over 2000 Free Fall Parachute Jumps (USPA Diamond Wings #203) and the 131st person in the US to accrue over 12 hours in freefall (USPA Gold Free Fall Badge # 131). He is an NRA High Master Rifle, and CMP Distinguished Rifleman. He learns something new every day.

Pat was above all recognized as a preeminent instructor in the use of the carbine, particularly the AR15 family of weapons, for personal defense.  I’ve mentioned him before in that context.  He’s taught thousands of students, and many current instructors in the field owe him a debt of gratitude for laying the foundations on which they and their students could build.

Pat’s sense of humor was legendary.  Here’s an example.  Language alert – Pat wasn’t afraid to use four-letter words from time to time.

Classic!  Pat at his best.

He will be sorely missed.  The shooting world is poorer for his passing.  May his sins be forgiven him, and may he rest in peace.



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