Infighting in the Deep State? Backstabbing in Washington? Say it ain’t so!!!


The Intrepid Reporter offers a speculative blog post that I think gets very near the knuckle about what’s happening in Washington D.C. right now.  He can’t offer proof, of course, but what I’m hearing from my sources (which are not the same as his, not at all) suggests he’s more accurate than not on many of the details.

Deep State War?

Click over there and read for yourself.  It’s important.

If he’s right, the question then becomes, “What next?”  Whichever of the three players he identifies comes out on top will be as illegitimate as any of the rest.  They’re fighting among themselves to seize control – control of us.  Will we let them?

My answer to that (and I hope yours, too) is “Hell, no!”  If they succeed, the USA will be Afghanistan redux, with the Taliban’s place taken by the progressive left and its minions.  The only good thing about that is, it’ll provide a target rich environment.

BTW, note that conflict between cliques in the corridors of power is far from confined to geopolitical affairs.  Charles Hugh Smith points out that it’s as much economic as political – but, of course, in our society those two factors are almost indistinguishable, because our politics is dependent on shaping our economic reality.  That isn’t working very well any more . . . just like our geopolitics.



  1. Once folks (this would not be general grade occifers, and their peers) detach themselves from the idea that "we" are in any way part of the "dot-gov" or "dot-mil" or team-fusa represented by the fakeprez, and the political military brass, there will be a resounding Hail, NO!! response, Peter.

    It's a big club but we ain't in it. Rules. Manners.

    Mike VanderBoeg had some ideas on how that progressed, positively.

    Methinks you're at 30% NO. Right now.

  2. There is infighting, but Sundance at conservative treehouse I think is a lot closer to the truth.

    Blinken came out of nsc, and seems to have little support in state. Nsc micromanaged this fiasco as part of the Whitehouse under Jake Sullivan.

    Intel Agencies are trying to avoid being the fall guys. They got blind sided again, but that’s normal.

    State is upset, and per Sundance is more aligned with Intel.

    Military lower ranks are upset, and the upper ranks are focused on not rocking the boat so they get their sinecure. They are also trying to avoid being the fall guy.

    On not letting people in, my gut feeling is Biden’s nsc ordering to trust our partners the Taliban…

    Question is what happens next in Afghanistan?

    Do we get everybody else out in exchange for the Afghan foreign reserves?

    Or will there be a killing fields as happened in Cambodia?

    Or a repeat on a larger scale of the Iran Hostage Situation to further embarrass the US?

    I see the last one as most likely, especially with the actions of the Taliban not to let in US Citizens into the airport for evacuation.

  3. "Infighting in the Deep State?" Well, yes. "Infighting" in politics has been going on since Sargon "washed his sword in the Mediterranean." Nothing new here. Remember the power struggle between Hamilton and Jefferson.

    What is new here—at least as far as Washington DC is concerned—as that there is no single person or entity who has the power to put an end to this internal strife. The major players in this struggle are the White House—obviously the weakest of all of them—the Pentagon, the State Department, the DOJ, the CIA, the NSA and the FBI. As well there are power struggles within each of these groups. One cannot tell who is winning and who is losing. It depends upon the hour and the day.

    This anarchy resembles that during the French Revolution between 1790 – 1796. At each stage of the struggle for dominance the losers' heads would end up in baskets at the feet of Madame Guillotine. When at last the French grew weary up this nonsense they cried out for order.

    A certain Corsican rose to the challenge.

    It will be the same in the US. One day the Americans will cry out for a Caesar, and a Caesar will come.

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