Inflation and your clothes (literally)

I’m still mind-boggled after reading this report.

After London College of Fashion designer Harikrishnan unveiled his inflatable latex trousers that come in a variety of colours, people couldn’t help but make fun of the high fashion number.

The quirky graduate collection featured billowing latex trousers which are tapered at the ankle.

But folks in their droves took to Twitter to say it looked more like ‘swollen testicles’.

Tough crowd. Clearly the essence of the piece was lost on the audience.

There’s more at the link.

Looks more like an inverted life-jacket to me.  Let’s call it a death-jacket.  Fall into the water in those things, and your inflated legs would hold your non-inflatable head underwater until you drowned.  (Not that there aren’t certain fashion designers who deserve no less . . . )

On the other hand, they may offer advantages as a defense against rape (see my previous post).  Wannabe rapists would have such a hard time getting out of them – not to mention seeing their intended victims pointing and laughing at their appearance and antics – that it might be the ultimate de-flationary experience!  An anti-condom, perhaps?



  1. Those are… odd. To say the least… And latex is usually squeaky as hell, so you'd HEAR the rapist coming a mile away! Plenty of time for defense.

  2. Can you say, pissing in your pants? How many times will it take to fill out those pants? My guess is forty beers, 16-ouncers.

  3. They look like outfits from a bad 70's sci-fi.
    Or possibly one of the old Doctor Who episodes?
    I'm just say'in.

  4. Decades ago my father talked of driving his jeep off the landing craft at Omaha Beach into unexpected deep water and finding himself upside down in the water, due to the air in his bloused uniform trousers. Fortunately he held onto the steering wheel and was able to pull himself down to invert and hook his feet into the steering wheel then open the top of his trousers to release the air and then swim, with great difficulty, to shallower water.

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