Is the coronavirus reversing illegal immigration?

I noticed this comment on Gab this morning (unfortunately followed by a fair amount of xenophobic comments, which we don’t need at a time like this):

Has anyone seen or heard other evidence to confirm that?  I haven’t, but then I don’t live in an area with a high illegal alien population, and don’t follow closely events south of the border.  Are illegals returning to Mexico and points south because of the coronavirus-caused economic crisis?  Are there any signs of it where you live, or in nearby cities?

This might do a lot to solve our illegal alien problem, without ICE having to lift a finger.  The problem, of course, will be to stop them coming back when conditions improve . . .



  1. Very much so in west Texas (Midland/Odessa area) , particularly the single men. They return to mexico as soon as jobs here are gone (very quickly with the shutdown of the oil industry). Those with families are trying to stick it out a bit longer, hoping some jobs come back.

    Quite a few families with only one of the adults having papers. Children have citizenship, but family breadwinner must head back home. Difficult situation.

    Glen in Texas

  2. Peter, had the US been much, much, much more xenphobic, we might never have had to worry about winnie the flu.

  3. Wall keeps on getting built. At least 165 miles of the 2000 border so far. It's going up at about 1 miles per day.

  4. Yep, xenophobia is a terrible, horrible, no good and very bad mindset. How horrible to discriminate against "others" like these …

    Guess that Finnish girl has been culturally enriched out of the goodness of those Muslims' hearts.

    Edited to add: sorry, that link above refers to Europe – here’s something for the US:

    and people got mad when Trump mentioned that Mexico isn’t sending their best …

  5. Ports of entry have always been places where infections get a foothold in a country since time immortal. Every nation has two options to stop this from happening…nobody comes in OR they screen and quarantine everybody who comes in no exceptions in either case. Not real practical but there you have it.

    Open borders don't work. That's why everyone one of us has a lock on our front doors.

  6. For those insinuating that "xenophobia" is somehow good and/or justified: the definition of "xenophobia", according to the Collins online English dictionary, is "strong and unreasonable dislike or fear of people from other countries. Synonyms: racism, nationalism, bigotry, isolationism". Note the word UNREASONABLE in that definition. If you have reason to dislike them (i.e. something they've actually done, or entrenched attitudes and manners of behavior that are antithetical to your culture and country), that's not the same as xenophobia. However, to reject others simply because they're different to you is begging for retaliation in kind. (Puts on pastor's hat.) Remember the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12)? It works both ways.

    @freddie_mac: What's the point of citing criminal actions by a few to justify resentment, discrimination against and rejection of the many? Might as well blame all drivers for drunk driving when the guilty parties are relatively few. You can't work from the particular to the general. If you want to say that illegal aliens should be deported because they've broken US law by crossing our border illegally, that's fine with me. That's something they've done, and for which punishment is built into our legal system. It also has nothing to do with what this, or that, or the other person has done as an individual. It leaves racism, xenophobia and other evils out of the equation altogether.

    When it comes to xenophobia, there's another Biblical passage that applies. See Matthew 7:1-5.

  7. The only thing that I've noticed has been a big uptick in the number of Latin folks in the Wal-Mart parking lot selling tamales for cash. I usually only see them in late summer, and honestly haven't seen any in a couple of years, but last week I had to go get a prescription for my wife and there were a couple in the parking lot holding up the ziplocs and asking if anyone wanted to buy them.

    But as you say, I don't live in an area with a lot of illegals. Lotta legal Mexicans around, actually, but not many illegals.

  8. The opposite in my neighborhood (Daly City, CA). 30% less cars parked on the street. Even with the students back home, there is plenty of parking. I think that some of those who left were renting rooms and when the jobs went away, they went home.


  9. Yes, there has been a large reduction in my construction crews. My contractors are fighting for labor with ever increasing wages if you have a ‘green card’. If not, most are heading back south. The reductions are on par with the 2008 economic shutdown, massive movement out of Colorado every day. Lots of pickups loaded down heading south.

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