Is it possible that moonbats can’t see how utterly crazy they’ve become?


As evidence, I offer you this article.

A ‘uterus-shaped’ cereal has been launched with the goal of putting conversations about periods on the table.

Feminine care brand Intimina developed its raspberry-flavoured ‘Period Crunch’ to encourage families to discuss menstruation more openly at breakfast.

Despite being marketed as womb-shaped, the cereal actually resembles the entire female reproductive system.

The wheat-based cereal … is dyed red to mimic the colour of blood. 

Intimina claims conversations about periods are not ‘truly normalised’ and it wanted to ‘make a statement’ about the issue.

There’s (unfortunately) more at the link.

Dear readers, please answer me these simple questions:

What normal family discusses menstruation over breakfast???  And why would they eat intimately-shaped, blood-colored cereal while doing so???

Dammit, I grew up with a mother and three sisters.  I’m sure they discussed menstruation, but they did it in private, possibly together, possibly one-on-one.  They certainly never inflicted such discussions on the men of the household, and emphatically not over a shared meal!  I can’t believe our family was any different than most others in that regard.  I mean, if one wouldn’t discuss wet dreams, or yeast infections, or diarrhea, or toenail fungus in that setting, why make an exception for menstruation?

This cereal is making a statement all right.  The statement is, “I’m so far gone I can no longer tell moonbattery from reality!”

Ye Gods and little fishes . . .



  1. This subject is the very last thing I care to discuss over breakfast. What is wrong with these people? I guess the phrase "You just can't fix stupid" has now taken on a whole new meaning.

  2. Isn't total lack of self-awareness almost the definition of crazy?

    I have known people who went off their "meds" and in all cases they claimed the meds didn't do anything to help their behaviors. Everybody else disagreed.

    Point being, they could not see the differences in their behaviors from their side of their eyeballs. From their standpoint, everybody else became assholes when they stopped taking their meds but THEIR behavior did not change a bit.

    Yep, "Crazy" is an apt description of those people.

  3. Is it possible the arsonist doesn't understand how fire works as he spashes gasoline all over a house then tosses a burning road flare at it?

    The answer is no. The arsonist knows exactly what he's doing, he just loves to see crap burn.

    Just like moonbats.

  4. "What normal family discusses menstruation over breakfast???"
    The same "normal family" that discusses lower intestine evacuation over breakfast.

  5. Do such conversations need to be held at a near whisper in the furthest corner of the home, whilst using obscure words to substitute for the ones intended? No, but they don't need to happen at the breakfast (2nd breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner/etc) table either, unless everyone at said table is an interested and willing party in the conversation. These people don't understand that there are worlds of difference between the furtive, whispered conversation and the bold discussion over frootloops, and that most of us are perfectly happy living somewhere between.

    Also, if they were really cool, the cereal would color the milk red too. Just sayin'

  6. I think we should get a box for anyone having second thoughts on why they need to stock up now.

  7. Short answer, No. They don't see themselves as nuts, or even fringe. In their small worlds they rationalize themselves, what they see, and what they do as 'normal' and 'right'.

    Yes, I can see where folks might not understand that, or even believe it.

    Peter, I'll bet you can understand this based on your experiences, just as I can with mine in teaching young adults. To a degree, it's not even a good/bad/right/wrong thing. It's just people being human.

    A tiny example. In my own home there are people who will step over trash on the floor five times in one day, and truthfully say they never noticed it. There is a young man who will drop trash on an overflowing trash can, but truthfully say he didn't notice it was full.

    Now fast forward these tiny insanities 20 years, and let them roam free and unhindered without challenge.

    There comes a point where reasonable discourse will not penetrate the unstable personalities to any meaningful degree.

  8. am in my 70's would have died of shame if such spoken aloud in presence of my father or brother

  9. I've had to talk about it with my daughter, and there might have been a time it was in the morning so I would have a chance to buy pads for her, but cereal? Heck, the cannibalistic Cinnamon Crunch and self-mutilating Pop Tarts are creepy enough…

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