Is there a “massive pattern of fraud in the USA”?


A correspondent calling him- or herself “Mercy Flush” makes that allegation at Free Republic.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

This is my personal observation of a pattern of suspicious activities and behaviors going on in the government of a certain West Coast Democrat-operated state that will remain nameless (but it’s just south of Oregon).

Approximately ten years ago I observed a massive increase in turnover in the accounting departments and HR departments of state agencies responsible for making grants of state and Federal money to the public. This phenomenon did not seem to impact any agencies that do not issue payments to the public.

In prior years the pattern within state government was that accounting staff would frequently spend an entire 30-40 year career with one agency. This meant they had significant experience and understanding of the financial operations of the agency and this led to efficiency. The same applied to Personnel/HR staff.

Then starting around ten years ago the pattern abruptly flipped. New managers were hired into most accounting and HR offices and they ruthlessly purged or isolated older, experienced staff. These people were replaced with younger, less experienced people who were typically recent college graduates.

The typical tenure of more than half of these new accounting and HR staff at a particular agency is less than one year. For whatever reason they frequently fail probation and are then removed from their jobs. Some of them face inexplicable acts of retaliation by their managers and numerous lawsuits have resulted as affected individuals have fought back.

This phenomenon impacting accounting and HR staff did not exist prior to 2010.

The advent of this staffing issue coincides with the rise in a specific indicator of fraud: Multiple recipients of fraudulent payments listed at the same real or fictional addresses.

. . .

Because of the persistent instances of high turnover and retaliatory acts by a broad spectrum of managers after 2010 it is not a small logical leap to assume that this phenomenon is tacitly sanctioned by the people who own and operate state government.

Based on my own informal observations I’ve concluded that the fraudulent acts of likely embezzlement includes a database of approximately 600,000 to as many as 900,000 fictional persons. The purpose of the fraud is quite possibly to move Federal funds from certain accounts transferring them to non-Federal accounts. This amounts to likely tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars being siphoned off from Federal programs over an eleven year period.

Some of these funds are likely being redirected to state government accounts.

A recent case in point: the over $31 billion dollars in fraudulent unemployment claims issued by California’s Employment Development Department (EDD). A relative handful of criminals have been arrested for this fraud and that accounts for less than .5% of the total amount of the estimated fraud. Note that some estimates of the fraud are as high as $80 billion.

No one at EDD has been arrested, demoted, prosecuted, reprimanded, or kicked out of the office coffee club over this fraud. Why? Because I don’t think any of the front line staff for EDD were involved. These hard working folks are backlogged trying to clear a massive number of legitimate unemployment claims.

I believe the fraud was automated and that a very few individuals were directly involved in the actual crime. I believe the fraud was automated for the very simple reason that legitimate claims are still backlogged. The fraud was quickly processed because there was no actual review of the claim involved.

Okay, now this goes to the next step.

Someone created a database of up to 900,000 fictional persons. Some of those fictional persons are listed as living at the same real or sometimes fictional addresses.

And starting in 2016 someone got the bright idea to use this list of fictional persons to commit vote fraud. I believe this fraud recurred in 2020.

. . .

I am not an investigator but I also suspect that an inquiry into vote fraud and into fraud relating to payments from government agencies will inevitably demonstrate a concurrence of fictional individuals and multiple fictional individuals listed at the same real or fictional addresses.

I have no reason to believe that this criminal enterprise has ceased their activities. I also would not be the least bit surprised to see a concurrence between payment fraud and voter fraud in other states.

Remember how Obama was supposedly creating a massive database of his supporters? What if that story was to cover for the creation of a massive database of fictional persons who would be used to finance and influence future elections?

There’s more at the link.

Those are important questions to ask, but I’ve seen no coverage whatsoever of the allegations in the mainstream media.  What say you, readers?  Do any of you have any insight or information that would either substantiate or refute them?

Given Californian politics at this time, I suspect there won’t be any official investigation of the situation – but one hopes that someone, somewhere, at some stage, will do so, there and in other states.  If true, such allegations might explain much about how the November 2020 electoral fraud was funded, organized and perpetrated – and how those behind it hope to get away with it again in future.



  1. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the actual fraud is exponentially larger and across multiple states.

    The people in the various states perpetuating the fraud won't ever be prosecuted because they're likely also in charge of the investigations. And the Feds won't do anything about it because it benefits those politicians from those states, and they control the funding and appointments of the leaders of any agency that would do an investigation.

    It will take a massive house clearing that I don't think will occur unless there is ACW2 (hot or cold) that results in honest people taking control again. I won't hold my breath for that to occur.

  2. I'll bet you're correct-no investigation. The media is silent because they are likely complicit at some level.

    I take it as simply another sign that The United States is in a terminal slide into the abyss. I don't like it, but there is little we, as individuals, can do to stop it.

    There is little we can do, as individuals, other than to prepare for hard times of unspecified types and duration, as we can. Resiliency must be one of our watchwords.

  3. Well, to see the fraud, just try to find the media's own assessments of their coverage of national or state-wide political races since the '60s.

    You will find that, about 3-5 months after a national or big state race (for governor or such) that the main stream media will publish articles about how media coverage was slanted towards the (always) democratic candidate. Slanted by more coverage, more positive coverage, better 'happy' pictures and less 'angry' pictures (or video as that became much more popular) and also story placement.

    Always with the "Oops, we need to do better next time (with an implied 'wink.'"

    This last election was the first one where the eneMedia came out and openly stated that they actively influenced and covered up election fraud.

    Add to the media's not-so subtle control of people is the ever-increasing amount of reported potential fraud that the eneMedia actually reported on.

    Back in the '80s, there was some murmur of election fraud, the usual, Chicago and dead people, vote harvesting in New York City, yada yada. But every big election the stories got more… more. Once the internet came about and people could bypass the main stream media, then the reports came out much louder and more frequent.

    Then… 2000 came about and shocked the carp out of the Dems. The idiots in Broward county (always a problem since the late 70's, maybe before, screwed up their oh-so-subtle attempt at miscounting the ballots and got caught. Which led, to no surprise, to the widespread introduction of electronic voting machines, which just upped the shenanigan levels by about 1000%. With a lot of the cheating being ever-increasingly blatant (but with no repercussions.)

    Yeah, systemic and increasing levels of fakery, chicanery, outright fraud and theft (and maybe some murder tossed in for seasoning) has become the American Election System way of life. What's surprising is that any decent politician ever gets elected.

    Especially with the chicanery that the Media puts into in selection non-Leftist candidates by their wonderful media coverage (so that we get… John McCain and Mitt Romney as frontrunners…)

    Yeah, fraud and falsehood.

  4. Not because I'm feeling especially optimistic, but I feel I should offer a counterpoint. The Facebook whistleblower who made possible the Project Veritas reporting of FB's sneaky censorship of "vaccine hesitancy" discussion courageously gave up his job, and probably any chance at ever finding a similarly well-paid job again, to inform the public.
    As things go from bad to worse, more people's conscience may compel them to step forward. That's my hope, anyway.

  5. It might not -just- be fraud.

    This level of widespread embezzlement might be a way to launder money extracted from the public into private coffers.

  6. The first thing practically everyone announcing a run for public office should get is a set of handcuffs, because they are, until proven otherwise, a criminal

  7. Seems to me that were some unnamed Federal agency so inclined a team of their forensic accountants could come in and examine and compare county property tax records, public utilities customer lists and usage records, and come up with reasonably correct estimates of the population load for any given area whether local, county, or state wide. CIA has analysts doing much the same on an ongoing basis to determine the true populations of other countries, so the skill set already exists.
    But we won't because the real answers would result in embarrassment and potentially criminal charges against those already in control of our government.

  8. "Those are important questions to ask, but I've seen no coverage whatsoever of the allegations in the mainstream media."


    If we are going to wait for the main stream media to report on their friends in grubbermint shafting the people that (ought to) be the customers of the main stream media, all hope is lost.

    That will never happen.

    And until whistleblowers are heralded, and given parades, well; let's not hold our breath waiting for that, either. They will be scourged by the fraudsters.

    Until the penalty for fraud, election fraud, tyranny, communist action, and hucksterism is immediately applied,individually, the non-Americans will win. Waiting for the official organs to act on OUR behalf is a fool's errand.


  9. Peter,
    The "fraud", if it exists, is a bit more widereaching.

    Once these fictitious welfare recipients have a credit history, they then can move to new states and transfer systems. Then they can vote there.

    You don't need other states' complicity, for this to happen. The recent story of unclaimed Covid19 checks (Califirnia having 132,000 unclained checks, most in nation, TX second) indicate the scale of the problem.

  10. Jimmy:
    If that "entity" has some sort of .gov connected account, they can just direct deposit it, as they do if you have a SS connection. The .gov can be efficient when it needs to be.

  11. "In prior years the pattern within state government was that accounting staff would frequently spend an entire 30-40 year career with one agency. This meant they had significant experience and understanding of the financial operations of the agency and this led to efficiency. "

    Well, that's one way of looking at it.

    "Then starting around ten years ago the pattern abruptly flipped."

    Are we really pretending this just started recently? Cheating at the ballot box has been going on since ate least Reconstruction, probably before.

  12. Sorry I am late to the party… I have uncovered another scheme run by the State of California that could possibly be connected to the scheme in this post (or maybe its a separate scheme altogether; it wouldn't surprise me if CA is running lots of unlawful schemes). California's Income Tax Agency, The Franchise Tax Board, doesn't apply estimated tax payments to the taxpayer's account at the time the taxpayer makes the payment. Instead, the payment is put into suspense — which means FTB puts the money into a general slush fund — until the taxpayer files that year's tax return. Upon processing that year's tax return, the FTB removes the money from the suspense account and backdates it to the proper date. I currently have a lawsuit pending against the FTB and it has come out that the money in this "suspense" account is not counted as revenue (it becomes revenue upon processing the tax return), and there are a lot of accounting irregularities surrounding these payments. From what I can tell, it looks like this "suspense account" is an off-the-books secret spending account. I've requested more info of the protocols of this suspense account as a part of my case, but FTB refused to provide any info. I have filed a Motion to Compel to see if the judge will make them give the info. More info about FTB's practice of withholding estimated tax payments is here: 7 minute video: or text: (though in neither the video nor the blog post do I talk about my suspicions of what FTB is doing with the withheld funds).

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