Is this the most over-the-top fight scene ever?


The Telugu action movie RRR is the latest thing out of India, and it’s making waves in this country too after Netflix bought the US broadcast rights.  I think this fight scene is perhaps the weirdest and most over-the-top I’ve ever seen!

It’s not the only over-the-top scene, either.  How about this dance number?

I won’t watch anything on Netflix, thanks to that channel’s disgusting and obscene sexualization of young children.  However, I’ll watch for this movie on DVD.  It looks like fun.



  1. Peter –

    Just a question about your position on NetFlix (and yes, I'm breaking my own rule of asking a question about something when I don't know the answer). I work in an industry where I often hear people make comments like, "Don't use XXX Corporation, they're awful." And I have found over the years that it's not usually the corporation that's terrible, but rather one person or a team of people.

    So – Is NetFlix the corporation the problem, or was it a bad CEO, Director of Programming, etc? And if they've changed their programming philosophy, would that make a difference to you? Or is it – once bad, forever bad?

    Just an interesting thought process question for me. Especially as we've seen many "Cancel Culture" type actions directed at corporations over the last few years…

    Once bad, forever bad is a good attitude for soldiers in a war – it's always best if the enemy has no redeeming qualities. Is that where we are – albeit moving in slow motion?

  2. This past Saturday, taking a break from all the readings I have been doing, I started to watch this movie. I fast forwarded a few times and quit watching before I reached half of it.
    My recommendation is to skip it.

  3. @DaveS: If they changed, I would consider changing my position: but I doubt very much that they will. It's become a cornerstone of their programming to "push the envelope", to be edgy and sexy and (they think) alluring. The impact on society and their more sensitive viewers doesn't matter, provided they continue to make money.

    I've worked with more than a few people who were victims of sexual predation, particularly when they were younger. If you heard their comments about some of Netflix's movies, I think you'd be horrified.

    See the article I linked above for more information.

  4. This movie is not 'Entertaining'… It is Anti-White.

    It *is* that simple.

    Now it's fair enough for Indians to be pro-themselves and Anti-White and walk around with inflated anti-colonial chips on their shoulders. They are themselves.

    But it is A-Grade Cuckery for Whites to watch this for anything other than reasons of anthropological and political self-study.

  5. Ah Bollywood! Great dance numbers mixed with improbable special effects and wacky scenes. A little goes a long way here (for me), but still, they are very successful in Inja's sunny clime.

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