Is this peak moonbat stupidity over Ukraine?


If it isn’t, it’ll do until something even more spectacularly bone-headed comes along.  Click the image for a larger view.

Dear Ms. Forsythe,

For your information, as far as I’m aware, there are vanishingly few (if any) authentically black or brown ethnic Russians.  Their native genes (you should pardon the expression) don’t contain the necessary color-coding.  Therefore, the chances of a black or brown Russian running that country are so slim as to be effectively non-existent.  “White privilege” and “white supremacy” simply aren’t relevant factors there.  To pretend otherwise would be un-ethnical.

However, your unblinking focus on racial animosity and hostility probably won’t allow you to acknowledge that.  Perhaps you should try thinking outside the racial box once in a while?


Your blogger-mentor in international genetics.

(In the light of your views, perhaps he should acknowledge [while pretending to hang his head in simulated shame] that he’s your non-Russian, African-born-and-bred [hence far more African than most Americans using that label], Caucasian [i.e. white] mentor).

I don’t suppose it’ll do much good, but in the interest of positive race relations, one has to try.




  1. LOL is your head hurting from metaphorically bashing it against a Mental Brick Wall? Trees hurt less, just saying.

    But if you need a Squire to hold your shield Peter I work for Bitcoin in advance and am reliable LOL.

    Who said a House divided cannot stand? How much MORE Divided could America become before real violence (not mean tweets) occurs.

    Ask me after the counter cyberwarfare strike turns off the lights, the New York Slimes was bragging to the world how the Sockpuppet was PRESENTED with "A menu of cyberwarfare actions" he can authorize to PUNISH RUSSIA.

    How long before the EBT crowd starts shopping with violence as the currency?

    Oh, sorry that's already happening in California and many Blue Cities, my bad.

    Not enough we IMPORT a large amount of our Oil and Fertilizer from Russia, we have to give an Sockpuppet the chance to have OUR Grid-Banking Systems and such SHUT OFF.

    Judgement of Judah level "Management".

    No wonder Putin AND China figured this week was an excellent time to take over some "New Territory" One China here we come, probably from a Business merger as Taiwan realizes American cannot protect anybody.

    Praying for wisdom.

  2. Ugh, peak stupidity too!
    I've had multiple people tell me recently that a company, agency, or University can be both most diverse and best – they can't comprehend when I point out that is impossible.

  3. Probably a bot. Yesterday I caught a twitter link that had me busting out laughing it was a bunch of morons blasting andrea mitchel and chuck todd about shutting the F up. I blasted each of those maroons with stuff and when they asked why msnbc got them I replied because the dregs is all they can get. MORONS.

  4. Went to high school w/ a Boer kid, born here to ex-pat parents. Messed em up when filling out applications "African-American", blond haired, blue eyed, evil sense of humor…

  5. "Seek and ye shall find"
    When one is obsessed with something they'll either uncannily "spot" it anywhere it even minutely exists or somehow manage to "find" it even where it doesn't actually exist.
    It's a kind of "psycho tunnel-vision" of sorts.

  6. Hmmm … I think the present consensus is that we are all out of Africa, us "whites" just a lot earlier. I guess a "late comers" has to be affixed to the later ones.

  7. I'll be 67 in June and still can't understand how people this spectacularly stupid manage to stay alive on a daily basis. This is Government-level stupidity.

    I would have thought that ordinary tasks that all of us non-stupid people do without any problems (e.g., crossing the street, using a knife at dinnertime, mowing the lawn) would have taken these idiots out. But they still exist..

    I honestly do not understand it.

  8. Noting here that a lot of Russians have a generous dollop of Asian DNA in them, courtesy of Genghis Khan and his band of merry men.

  9. Mrs. Forsythe,
    Your arguments have merit…you are obviously a person of deep intellectual capacity…uhh, show us your tits?

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