Is the US military being deliberately undermined and subverted?


I’ve heard a number of comments from former US military officers and service personnel about what they’re seeing and hearing from their comrades still in the armed forces.  In particular, it appears that any dissent from the current drive against “extremism” is being treated very negatively.  Service personnel who question why the January 6th demonstrations in Washington D.C. are treated as “insurrection” or “domestic terrorism”, while the same label is not used to describe rioters in Portland or Seattle last year, are being openly silenced and their concerns dismissed.  Some have reported that they’ve been privately threatened with retaliation, and told that because they asked such questions openly, their careers are “over”.  In so many words, it appears “extremism” is a label applied only to conservative and even centrist views – not to progressive leftist perspectives.

Sundance argues that the armed forces are being deliberately subverted into an instrument to enforce politically correct views against states and regions that don’t subscribe to them.

Considering the specific examples over the past few years, I would argue the Democrats are positioning for use of the military in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act -or- by an expressed act of congress.

Following the evidence to its logical conclusion is simple.  The political apparatus of the DC state has framed a fraudulent narrative that “insurrection” against the federal government is an ongoing possibility.

Toward that end the U.S. military national guard troops have been sent to Washington DC indefinitely (current deployment extended through May).

If we consider there is a reasonable argument now surfacing about states choosing to nullify federal laws, it is not a stretch to see the insurrection narrative as a proactive assertion to support the deployment of active military against any state who would be non-compliant.

Would this violate the Posse Comitatus Act? Quite possibly, yes; it would depend on whether congress passed an expressed act authorizing military troops against specific state action.

When we consider that most of the constitutional checks and balances have been deconstructed or usurped by hardline leftist action; including the weaponization of the intelligence community, and specifically the FBI as a federal law enforcement agency; we are left to recognize that any Posse Comitatus violation would likely be supported by a leftist and aligned media arguing that the military is needed in order to stop a rebellion of states.

If my suspicions/predictions are correct, this would explain exactly why there has been a recent uptick in the visual politicization of the military; including empirical examples of emboldened U.S. military leadership openly engaged in domestic political advocacy against Tucker Carlson.

The marching of the U.S. military through the Capitol building to the offices of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene would be another orchestrated optic sending the same political message.

These are not examples of the military “woke” community advancing political correctness, instead these are examples of advanced politicization of the military (in an open context) in preparation for domestic political use.   The “insurrection narrative” is then considered a seed planted to blossom later in support of the overall agenda.

One of the data-points highlighting future intent was clearly visible and seemingly overlooked by almost all media.  It happened when Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman first became a political whistle-blower against the office of President Trump.

It was not the details of the Vindman accusation that stood out, though that was the aspect the media focused on.  What was more concerning was the lack of action by the Pentagon after Vindman compromised his position as an advisor to the commander in chief … Why did senior military leadership not remove Vindman from his post at the White House once he clearly compromised his ability to carry out his duty?  Their lack of action was stunning when you consider their primary obligation.

Fast forward to 2021 and now a very political military officer, General Russel Honoré, is appointed by Nancy Pelosi to be in charge of the military deployment around Washington DC.  When you consider the political ramifications of the military supporting a false narrative, this is more than just another data-point.  Then the military openly attacked the position of Tucker Carlson based entirely on political ideology.

The increased frequency of the military being politicized is what leads me to believe this phase is all just a public relations pre-positioning.  I fully expect to see the standing U.S. military deployed against any state who stands up against unconstitutional federal demands… the likely origination point will be federal COVID mandates.

The leftists are weaponizing COVID mandates for a political agenda.  It is only a matter of time before states start to rebel against federal COVID demands.  That, in my opinion, will be the inflection point.  That will be when the U.S. military is held as a compliance activation against any rebellious state.  It could be another issue that activates this triggering of the military (ex. state election laws), but as it stands right now federal COVID compliance seems the most likely trigger.

Bottom line… The American electorate are being positioned to accept deployment of the U.S. military against U.S. citizens, under the guise of insurrection and/or a public threat.  That is why we are seeing so much willful politicization of the military.

If you live in a region or state that values individual liberty and/or freedom, you are likely in a location that leftists consider a risk to their ability to execute their agenda.  You are likely right now being defined as a “dissident”, or possibly a “domestic terrorist.”  As a result, get ready to see this type of activity in your neighborhood.

There’s more at the link.

I hope and pray Sundance is wrong . . . but I fear he’s probably right.  The senior commanders of our military were, indeed, subverted during the Obama administration by the systematic weeding out of most of those with conservative views and/or combat command experience.  Instead, those with leftist sympathies and/or sycophantic tendencies were promoted.  The rank and file were systematically purged of combat veterans.  I’ve heard several horror stories from veterans who were told by their (sympathetic) commanders that they might as well leave and build civilian careers, because they would get nowhere in the military under its new, politically correct leadership.

I’ve personally experienced how a partisan military can disrupt and destroy faith in national institutions as a whole.  In South Africa, the armed forces were intended to defend the nation against external aggression.  However, opposition to that country’s apartheid policies was systematically defined by the government of the day as “caused by external influences”, particularly Communism, the Soviet Union and its surrogates.  Internal political movements opposed to apartheid were legally classified as Communist and brutally suppressed, forcing many of their leaders to leave the country and continue the struggle from outside.  There was zero tolerance for dissenting opinions.  As part of that, the armed forces were turned into security surrogates for the state, backing up the police – and in some cases actually performing police functions – to suppress opposition.  The result was that the armed forces no longer attracted the support of the people in defending the nation, being regarded as just another tool or instrument of oppression.

I don’t want to see that happen here.  It’s so destructive to the armed forces themselves that they become demoralized, cynical, divorced from their defensive mission.  If you make the armed forces into domestic bully-boys, they become the problem rather than the solution.

There’s one ray of sunshine in the present situation, in that the majority of enlisted personnel and NCO’s appear to be fully aware of attempts to subvert them, and are not impressed.  However, the officer corps is another matter.  One source observes:

While the military academies only produce a fraction of the total officer corps, they are a bellwether for the larger force … Rather than focusing on being proud citizens of a unified nation, we are seeing the fruition of decades of the teaching of socialist critical theory, by which Americans have been taught to segment ourselves into groups based on race, gender, religion, economic success, and political ideology.  As intended by the proponents of this insidious political philosophy, this is tearing our nation apart. In the military, such effects can be disastrous to our warfighting preparedness and effectiveness.  At a time when we are stretched in our capability to cover global commitments, we cannot afford anything less than the most patriotic, unified, effective, and lean fighting force possible.  The “woke” cadets that are the product of the past several decades of socialist critical theory are producing officers that we are now encountering in our armed forces, whose attitudes about our nation not only flies in the face of American military history but in the preparedness of our academy graduates to effectively lead our brave men and women serving in the US armed forces.

. . .

Americans are turning against each other, driven by decades of political and societal division, all aroused and enflamed by the collision of socialist critical theory and what had been the dominant American ethic of “one nation, under God, indivisible, with unity and justice for all”.  And for the first time since 1948, race and gender identity are at the forefront of discussions in the military, rather than readiness and warfighting abilities.  Today we are told that “diversity is our strength,” but military experience and history has taught us differently.  It taught us that patriotism, competence, comradery, and an indominable spirit are all that matter.

Again, more at the link.

This is one of the most worrying developments of all under our present hyper-partisan administration.  I can’t think of anything that will divide America more effectively than a military that is distrusted, even feared, by half the population.  If there’s a better recipe for actual, violent civil war, where citizens feel they have no choice but to defend themselves against their own military, I don’t know what it might be.


EDITED TO ADD:  I forgot to mention the increasing subversion of some US military academies by progressive leftist professors.  A case in point is provided by the antics of Spenser Rapone at West Point.  The subsequent investigation and fallout from the incident uncovered repeated patterns of violations of the cadet honor code, and progressive and extreme left-wing influence at the Academy.  This tends to reinforce Sundance’s point, and my own.


  1. IMO, not that it counts for anything, is that this federal government needs to be abolished. And by that I mean the entire 600 or so Senators, Representatives, Judges, Ambassadors, Department heads and the like need to be removed from Washington – by force if necessary – and replaced with Americans who will protect and defend the Constitution and put the American people first.

    With as little force as possible, but as much force as necessary. Our right to take this action is enshrined in our founding documents and is legal and legit.

    It is way past the time to get rid of these few hundred traitors. We have the right to do this, we always have.

  2. i agree but add that there is a shadow leadership, if you will, ongoing in the military. china joe and crew make Russia out to be the enemy while crowing "china is our friend". yet at boot on the ground level the military is moving to confront china. its like there are two hierarchies at once moving at opposite aims. also what i get from the ranks is that they will get out or keep quiet until needed. either way it blunts the libs saber.

  3. While I agree with the sentiment of “Bob” in so far as the necessity to clean house, I do not for a moment think that this would be enough. The greed for power has subsumed all of the current office holders remaining virtue. (If there was any to begin with). Witness the latest election fraud which may have been promulgated from the upper echelon, but was implemented at the local level by people with the self same desire. In the broad light of day, votes were counted that should not have even been seen. Laws were changed overnight by decree to ignore the constitutional requirements necessary to promote a free and fair contest. The saddest part is where no one with any authority had the spine to stand up and say “This is wrong on so many levels, it defies belief”. No black robed potentiate would even listen to the many voices that were verified to have been present and documented what was being done. As for the military command , that was effectively hollowed out by Obama (who still pinches himself to believe the havoc and dissension he alone was able to cause in 8 short years). So, even if the present group of soulless, lying communists was to be transported to the center of the sun, the local apparatchiks would see to it that their replacements would be no better.

  4. For a taste of domestic police power gone wrong, take a look at the South during Reconstruction. In Texas the carpetbaggers instituted an all black State Police force. They ran rampant and committed many atrocities leading to an ensconced dislike of blacks in general in that state.
    That attitude ran solid there for many, many years.
    Quite a few of the "gunslingers" began their shooting careers during that time frame because of the State Police.
    There are quite a few "incidents" with the police today that certainly raise ones eyebrows. The various states using the military to "assist" with the Covid vaccines is an uptick in military presence. Are we being trained to get used to military presence in our communities?
    Next the 3rd amendment will be no longer "absolute".

  5. The destruction of America's armed forces started decades ago. Throughout the military's history, there were always the favored few who were promoted or given choice assignments because of family connections.

    The real breakdown started during Vietnam when men were unfit to lead or command were given promotions instead of being moved to the side. That trend continued and when women were admitted to the academies and forced into civilian schools such as VMI the push to destroy moved quickly. At the USAFA, the class of 1980 had zero physical fitness requirements. Zero. That was changed later, but the physical fitness requirements were easy to pass.

    In the 1980s, the USAF changed the officer promotion system and allowed the first colonel in the officer's chain of command to write a promotion recommendation. The recommendations were Definitely Promote, Promote or Do Not Promote. After that change was made but before the first promotion board met, Air Force Chief of Staff, General Welch, sent a message to commanders: Give your Definitely Promote recommendations to those who are unsure if they want to stay in the Air Force. Promote recommendations for those who expressed a desire to stay as one pass over won't hurt them and Do Not Promote recommendations to those who said they are leaving as we can't help them.

    That message was sent at the same time that the Air Force commanders were telling officers that if you were the best in your field, you would be promoted. One message to commanders and the other message to the unwashed, but talented officer ranks. As a result of the Air Force leadership's push to retain less than the best, there was an immediate flush of officers who were outstanding, but not boot lickers. Bums were promoted and made life bad for those who were the best.

    The military is in the state of disrepair because of decisions made decades ago to destroy our armed forces.

  6. You can't have a Communist putsch if the military opposes you. Therefore you use the same long march tactics they used on other institutions there was well , control the armed forces and you have a chance.

    Ultimately any real repairs will require an interregnum where Communists and Progressives can be stepped on. A simple restoration won't suffice against the level subversion.

    After 20-40 years of deportations, your state monitoring institutions and a great many free helicopter rides, we can create a moral enough and hopefully religious and homogeneous enough one to use the old Constitution.

    The other option is well history, war or collapse will break the union apart and form new one's with new Constitutions and maybe one hopefully a good one will get strong enough to take CONUS piece by piece.

  7. Ramon Colon-Lopez, who was a member of Task Force White for a number of years, recently praised BLM as a "social justice organization." Heaven help us.

  8. I would expect that smart military folks would either bail out, not re-up, or lie doggo until they can retire at 20. Which I did, in the late '80s.

  9. When the US Military flips to the dark side… WE the USA will become the greatest threat to the world and peace in the history of the world. We will be a grave threat to humanity. We will become the scourge of the Earth and we will probably cause another world war. We who used to be the Light of the World for Freedom, and still are… to many people who haven't heard what's happening in the USA as of late. Lots of people are still clueless around the world.

    At this point, hoping and praying that "Sundance is wrong" would be laughably absurd if it weren't so tragic and bad and pathetic. At this point we are just about 70 years past the days when communism was first being outed and exposed by a once patriotic government. When there was an anti-communist league or committee of citizens in EVERY locality of the country. When Leftists had to fear being exposed for what they were.

    Since the 60s we've been undergoing the slow 180 degree about face in the culture. And now…… we're LONG PAST the time to be hoping and praying that Sundance is wrong.

    We've surrendered our country to Marx. And now, we're just waiting for the final coup de grace. As an officer in the 90s, I was already disturbed by the social engineering going on in the military. I ALREADY KNEW we were heading for these days. And yet, I was laughed at when I expressed my opinion that one day, China would be our biggest threat.

    We kept laughing and laughing and laughing and being too arrogant and self-assured to believe these days would come. And NOW…. we're hearing the four-star in charge telling us that critical race theory and Marx are a good thing for the military. And I remember the days when Lefties couldn't get into the military unless they lied.

    And still…. we just keep on hoping and praying and complaining…. and nothing else. I hope I'm wrong. I hope a massive militia movement is out there somewhere, getting ready….

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