Is World War 3 an inevitable outcome of the current financial system?


Capitalist Eric thinks so.

It comes down to a few simple points, which I’ve explained several times over, but will repeat here.

  1. The Western elitist banksters have maintained utter control of their respective financial currencies; this debt-slavery system is the basis of their power.  It has been, for all intents and purposes, their private playground.  This power has been used to buy anyone they want, in government, the military, the media, anyone they want.
  2. The Western banking system is based on debt issuance.  It is dying rapidly.  The entire fiat-money system, a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, is now so heavily overloaded with bad debt that it is collapsing under its own weight.  Countries who don’t use that funny-money as their sovereign currency but have been forced to utilize dollars/euros/yen for international trade, are busily switching to alternative currencies from countries that produce something besides fiat money.  In other words, the demand for the Western currencies is rapidly declining.
  3. The much-touted “Great Reset” is a plan to depopulate the world (1st and 2nd world through vaccinations, the 3rd through starvation), and reset the financial system back to zero, so that everyone begins in the new system with zero debt…  and zero property or possessions.  The “Great Reset” will usher in the new trackable and controllable fiat-money currency, where they decide what and when you can buy approved products.  And if you speak out against whatever bullshit the bankster-owned government is selling (which will be tallied via a Chinese-style social credit system) your money could be reduced, confiscated or flagged for your arrest the next time you go shopping with their new digital currency.  You’ll toe their line, or you’ll starve.
  4. The “Great Reset,” where everyone will adopt this bitter pill of slavery, will only be accepted if people are desperate for government intervention due to starvation, lack of energy (heat for your home, gas for your car) or disease.  And it will only be accepted if there’s no alternative currency which people can utilize to maintain some level of purchasing power without “Big Brother” watching over your shoulder, and deciding what you can- or cannot- purchase.  The Russian ruble is exactly such an alternative.
  5. The BRICS countries- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa- have resisted globalist efforts to become part of the Western banking system, and are now challenging that system, with currencies backed by commodities instead of the worthless promise of more fiat money.  Thus, the represent a viable alternative to the “Great Reset” agenda, one which dooms the efforts to re-start the fiat money system from zero- with the same elitist banksters at the helm.
  6. The BRICS countries therefore represent an escape from the fiat-money system, and therefore are mortal enemies of the banksters, which have built their empire over the past 208 years.  They must therefore be destroyed by the West, using whatever means necessary, at whatever cost is required in lives (but who cares about us debt-slaves, anyway?).
  7. The BRICS countries- most openly represented by Russia at this point in time- are not about to join the system, and now realize that it is- literally- a fight to the death for them, as well.
  8. Therefore, neither side will back down, the escalation will continue, up to and including nuclear weapons. 

I posted these conclusions at the beginning of April, 2022, and they stand on their own, today.

Eric goes on to note, concerning the Ukraine war:

[Putin is] gearing up for NATO and the USA.  And, given his early mobilization, their war-economy footing already, and rigid discipline with which they’ve fought to this point, there is no other logical conclusion.  In contrast, the American military is fat, woke, undertrained, and running out of ammo.  And we haven’t even started WW3, yet. 

So much for Putin being “desperate.”

There’s more at the link.

I don’t know enough about what’s going on behind the scenes to offer an opinion.  I only note that there are as many pro-Russian commentators as anti-Russian out there, and none of them really know what’s going on either.  They’re analyzing the situation through their own sets of filters, their own preconceived ideas, and coming up with what they believe are plausible perspectives.  I don’t pretend to have a plausible perspective, because so much about the Ukraine war is hidden behind ulterior motives, massive corruption in both Ukraine and Russia as well as most of the First World nations supporting either side, and the malign influence of globalist partisans who want to use the Ukraine war as a lever to accomplish their overarching objectives.  It’s a toxic stew of motivations, means and ends out there, and – as usual – the people suffering for it all are mostly innocent civilians and citizens, in the war zone and also across Western Europe.  The rest of the world will join them in that as the current famine and energy crises take hold more firmly and shake the foundations of modern geopolitics.

There’s a very real danger that NATO could be drawn into the conflict with Russia (some would say that’s already happened).  The consequences for Europe could be devastating – and I’m not talking about nuclear war, just the economic and sociopolitical fallout of such an event.  It could spread worldwide.

Michael Yon thinks that’s the plan.  He calls it “global sabotage – we are witnessing Gigacide“.

When waging methodical, professional sabotage campaigns, professionals will use something like a CARVER matrix to identify and prioritize targets. This was something Green Berets learned and trained on. You always have limited resources and so prioritizing bang for buck is essential.

. . .

A global CARVER is unfolding on energy and food supplies. We are witnessing Gigacide … On a global CARVER matrix, all energy flows into Europe are ripe and most are easily harvested. Refineries everywhere are ripe and are being hit all over. Something is happening. Possibly the most massive coincidence ever, or applying Occam’s Razor the world is being de-industrialized. Global Sabotage.

Suez and Panama Canals are high value targets. Massive bang for buck.


Again, more at the link.

As individuals and small groups, we can’t affect events on so large a scale.  All we can do is prepare ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our friends to face whatever’s coming as best we can.  It’s surprising how often that’s helped people live through world-shaking events, and come out on the other side.  (My parents were living examples to me of that, living through the Great Depression of the 1930’s as children and young adults, then being pitchforked into World War II from 1939-1945.  Through hard work and sheer guts, they made it through all that.  We’d do well to remember our own ancestors who were caught up in that mess, and learn the lessons they imparted to their descendants.)

Go read Capitalist Eric’s article.  It’s food for thought.



  1. Eric’s commentary on the US military, sounds like the sort of commentary one expects to hear from a 1930s IJA staff meeting. To so broadly generalize and assume as he does is not simply the height of arrogance, but incredibly foolish, short-sighted and poorly thought out. He would benefit heavily from staying in his lane.

  2. Unfortunately, I think this time around will make life during the Great Depression look easy. They didn't have a large number of people hooked on government welfare and other "entitlements", who will resort to violence to get what they are "entitled to". While the large urban areas have the largest percentage of people receiving government hand-outs, there are also a number of them in the smaller communities and rural areas too.
    So, not only will you have to work harder to get the necessities to live, you will also likely have to fight to keep what you have.

  3. I don't consider myself pro-Russian, but I am certainly anti-US/NATO/WEF/INF/Davos elitism and their Great Reset.

    I look at Putin the same way I look at Sitting Bull and the other Sioux warriors in the 1870s, battling to keep out a cultural invasion that will destroy their way of life. Except with Putin, the odds are a lot more in his favor than it was for the Native Americans.

  4. "[Putin is] gearing up for NATO and the USA. And, given his early mobilization, their war-economy footing already, and rigid discipline with which they’ve fought to this point, there is no other logical conclusion."

    Always good to see some well-written satire these days,

    Given Russia's impressively horrendous performance in Ukraine, and the fact they're losing badly against what was considered heretofore to be a third-rate military and expected to be a walk-over for them. Of course, it turned out the Ukrainians are handing the Russians their ass and showed Ivan not to be ten foot tall but instead a midget with an inferiority complex.

    To observe Russia busily putting 1960s vintage tanks on the battlefield, throwing in conscripted untrained hastily mobilized, and under-equipped troops and to say they're gearing up and got a shot against first-string military powers of NATO, and especially the USA is rather ludicrous. Especially when he;s bogged down in Ukraine and scrapping the barrel for reinforcements already, someone thinks he's got the excess military capacity to take on NATO and the US (meaning the US with probably the Poles and Brits)? Good luck with that.

    Not sure if this is coming from former US .mil members who trained all their lives for a major conventional war with the Soviets and figured it would be a near-run thing, and thought if going up against Russia they'd be going up against a near-peer military power.

    Then Russia invades Ukraine and it turns out (surprising just about everybody with Intelligence agencies again over-estimating the threat) to have at best a Third-World military.

    It's not just not near-peer, nor in the same ballpark, but it's not even competitive in the minor leagues, and they're confused and wondering what they heck they were training and worried about all this time.

  5. I have no argument with the claim that there are evil people in the world… there always have been. However some things seem vaguely contradictory.

    One is the idea that population reduction on a massive scale is good for financiers and business. Like who the hell buys mobile phones and Amazon products if half the world’s population is spending everything they have on the last loaf of bread? Major depopulation looks like a recipe for the worst recession ever….. and starvation destroys the environment because impoverished hungry people will hunt everything to extinction and burn the tree it was roosting in, to stay warm.

    As a historical comparison, the Bubonic Plague – which killed up to 1/3 of the European population – was good for the lower classes, because labour was scarce and the peasants suddenly had far more bargaining power.

    Another contradiction is the claim that financiers can buy anything and anyone they want……. followed by a list of people and countries which (according to the narrator) have NOT been bought. Reality is that money is only one form of exchange, and is only as good as the things it enables you to do. When the man with the money comes up against the man with the gun, the man with the gun takes the money..

    Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of evil people in the world, and even more stupid people. Bad things will happen, I just don’t buy a lot of the global conspiracy theories and would like to remind everyone that the commonest trick of every magician, is to get you to focus on his other hand.
    …….and the more you convince yourself that “I ain’t fooled”, the easier you are..

    I go back to first principles.
    A large man bashing a small woman, an adult bashing a child, and a large nation invading a small one are all most-likely wrong.
    If you believe in self-determination, that includes self-determination for Ukrainians, if you aren’t a hypocrite.

  6. I’m also in agreement the comparison with the 1930s. Both Japanese and German war-planning was based at least in part on a short war, followed by a negotiated peace because they believed that America would not fight very hard or for very long.
    Speaking as a non-US Ally, I’m glad that they were wrong.
    But in the same vein, I want to ask what gave them that impression?

    Sometimes the only way to show that you are willing to fight, is to fight.

  7. "But in the same vein, I want to ask what gave them that impression?"

    I suspect that they misinterpreted the US population's desire for non-involvement in foreign affairs to mean they didn't have the guts to fight. BIG mistake. Our politicians (FDR) were agitating for foreign engagement, but were getting no traction.

  8. Will….

    I’d agree.
    I believe that the public debate was rather polarised

    The problem with isolationism is that others don’t see you that way, and the problem with being focused purely on defence is that it allows belligerent parties the ability to choose the time and place that they attack you. The original Nazi plan was to secure Europe in the land war, then spend the next decade and all their acquired resources building a Navy capable of dealing with the Royal Navy and USN.

    I think Roosevelt was wise – in this, anyway.

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