1. Seeing that the U.S. itself is a nation essentially formed by the convenient displacement of the inhabitants who were already well-established to make room for the "newcomers", I can't see rejecting select facts of history simply on the premise of their "being disturbing" or because certain things that happened were unfair to innocent people.

    What happened is what happened, and to not recollect it accurately is tantamount to committing a kind of fraud.
    A lot of what would end up being among the greatest achievements had somewhat corrupt and seedy beginnings.

  2. This type of vandalism is currently not only sanctioned by the city of New Orleans, they're using tax dollars to accomplish their goal.

  3. Eh… toppling statues is hardly unique to oppressive ideologies. There's plenty of video and imagery of us helping the Iraqi locals topple statues of Saddam. There's the video that was floating around that everyone was enjoying of the Lenin(?) statue that was decapitated when it slipped while being lifted. People tend to want to destroy the iconography of those they oppose. I'm not saying I agree with the whole thing with the confederate statues, but this is a really weak comparison.

  4. For Southerners, what's going on in places like New Orleans is deeply offensive. But there aren't many Southerners left. Go to Atlanta and you hear more Northern accents than Southern. If the limp Mayor of New Orleans wants to pimp himself out for liberal votes by destroying statues of Confederate figures in history, then there are not enough of us to stop him. I can only hope he gets what he deserves down the road.

    I vote with Tal Hartsfield. Mark Matis looks like a troll to me.

  5. They appealed to keep the statues in place as the actual ownership of the statues and the land they were on was in doubt.
    A judge threw out the appeal without even looking at the paperwork.
    Sad times. Never thought we would see ethnic cleansing in the U.S.

    And Mark is obviously a troll, agreed.

  6. What's the difference? Progressives in America generally don't have beards. Neither do the men.

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