Isn’t he a bit old for that sort of thing?

This “sugar-daddy” found his newly-met sweeties turned sour on him.

Instead of heavy petting, 85-year-old Paul Aronson found himself tied to a coffee table for 20 hours and cleaned out of his credit cards and $500 in cash, according to authorities.

. . .

Aronson, a widower and retired Garment District executive, first made contact with Shaina Foster through the Web site ­Seeking Arrangement, which hooks up “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies,” according to law- ­enforcement sources.

The two had at least one meeting before a second encounter was planned for Oct 1., according to Brian Kennedy, the lawyer for Shalaine. Shaina decided to bring her sister along.

They had dinner in Midtown and then headed to Aronson’s luxury East 38th Street pad, the lawyer said.

. . .

Aronson was found by a friend the next day on the floor with his hands zip-tied behind his back and his leg zip-tied to a coffee table, police said.

There’s more at the link.

It sounds like a classy family all round:

The twins’ mother, Liza Torres, was arrested on the courthouse steps Friday following her daughters’ appearance — and charged with heroin possession. Their brother, Adam Torres, was charged with assaulting a photographer.

Uh-huh.  Kinda explains where the girls got it from, no?  As for the victim, some might consider him a geriatric version of Leisure Suit Larry . . .



  1. Leisure Suit Larry?

    Ken and Roberta Williams in their glory days, before Roberta decided killing (in a video game) was bad,and weapons were unacceptable.

  2. You are never too old to be made a fool of by younger women.

    And, seriously, who hasn't been zip tied to the furniture and left that way by someone you met on line?

  3. Well to be fair you could argue the young women were bigger fools. After all leaving aside the moral issue, they most definitely got less by their quick grab than they would have if they had been a bit more agreeable. After all whats a few grand versus being written nicely into the will, and given a steady supply of gifts? Even better there is nothing illegal with taking gifts from a lonely old man.

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