It’s just as funny in the dead-tree edition

Friend, author and all-round good guy, Michael Z. Williamson initially released his 2015 Hugo Award-nominated hit ‘Wisdom From My Internet‘ in an e-book edition.  He’s now added a paper edition, for those who prefer the traditional method of reading.

This is one of the books that had Social Justice Warriors in a real tizzy in 2015.  They don’t like Mad Mike anyway, because he’s anything but politically correct, and has a habit of taking down the perpetually offended class with hilarious snark.  Mike treated the whole brouhaha as an extended joke, and enjoyed himself immensely.

The book is filled with snippets from Mike’s articles, columns and everyday wit about many aspects of everyday life.  Here, for example, are some excerpts from the chapter titled ‘War, Guns and Other Awesome Stuff’.

I get asked, “If you could only choose one gun, which would you choose?” I don’t know. If you could only use one tool to fix your car, would you choose the jackhammer, the eyeglass screwdriver or the oxy-acetylene torch? Tools and weapons exist in variety for a reason.

“But what if I really want to use my sword for breaking cinder blocks?” “Then you’re going to have similar problems to someone who really wants to race their boat on a gravel road.”

Every trip to the Chicago metro area reminds me that there’s nothing wrong with it that 30-40 properly placed megatons can’t fix.

When someone says, “Violence is not the answer,” punch them in the face as hard as you can. When they get up, remind them that violence is not the answer. When they nod agreement, punch them in the face as hard as you can. Repeat until they are unconscious or take a swing at you. Point proven.

Fun fact: Flamethrowers are not firearms and are unregulated by federal law.

The Navy teaches knots for rigging, not for below decks bondage. I stand corrected.

“Flash hider” does not refer to the Army issue overcoat. I stand corrected.

There’s much more in the book.  It’s a fun read, ideal for picking up during spare moments and enjoying a few pages at a time.



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