It’s like the ’99 Bottles’ song – on wheels!

I’m sure many US readers are familiar with the song ‘99 Bottles of Beer‘, just as overseas readers may be more familiar with the ‘Ten Green Bottles‘ song (part of my own childhood).  It seems that a Chinese truck manufacturer decided to follow the songs in his arrangements to move his product from his factory to distributors!

I didn’t see any of them fall off the truck.  Let’s hope that’s one part of the songs that hasn’t been carried over into vehicle transportation!



  1. Used to drive one of those little pickups (not the crew cab) a lot when I was in Japan.

    Had a little 550cc motorcycle engine in it.

    Two good-sized guys can pick one up and move it. Made parking easy and fun.

  2. The big truck looks to have been specifically modified to carry the little ones like that. A clever trick on someones part.

    I believe I saw one of those in the junkyard here a year or two ago. I had a post on the vehicle noting that the tag in the door stated they were NOT DOT approved.

    One of my commenters, however, said he had one in Florida, and found it very handy, if somewhat frightening to drive in U.S. traffic.

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