“It’s open season on killing white people and cops”

So sayeth a certain “King Noble” in a videotaped rant.  I’m not going to sully this blog by putting it up here:  you can read more about it, and watch the video, in this news report if you wish.

I’d be rather grateful if Mr. Noble would be so kind as to begin his anti-white jihad in my neighborhood.  If he’ll let me know when he plans to do so, I’ll be sure to stand right on his designated start point.

A fairly large number of persons have tried to kill or injure me from time to time.  A few have succeeded in the latter.  None have yet succeeded in the former.  A number of those who tried are no longer in a position to repeat their attempts.

Mr. Noble, I’ve met assholes like you before, and I’m still standing.  Bring it.  Put up or shut up.  I’ll be waiting.



  1. If schmucks like this meant it, they'd be out DOING it, not yapping about it on Youtube.

    They're loudmouths who don't have the balls to do what they're telling everybody else to do.

  2. Just give me time to grab my FAL and I'll be right down there. Hopefully he brings as many like-minded friends as I bring ammo.

  3. You know things are bad when my anti-gun family, most notably my mother, start telling me, "you know, I think I understand where you're coming from when you say that you need a rifle."

    If these morons do mean business, I just hope they hold off until I can arm myself appropriately. I'd rather not have to stare down an angry mob with murder on its collective mind with just a 1911 and a CZ-75.

  4. @Murphy's Law: Bring yourself, rifle and magazines. I have enough 7.62x51mm. ball to cater for your needs, and then some.

    @Raptor: If you're near me, a rifle will not be a problem. I can equip a couple of fire teams, and then some.

  5. Good news & bad news on that front.

    Bad news is that I don't think we're close at all.

    Good news is that I'm in Western PA, and I get the distinct impression that we are probably the only family on our street that doesn't own a long gun of some sort. Plus, if the Blustering Liars & Morons tried any of that nonsense out here, it would not go well for them.

  6. I would imagine you have heard this before.

    When the German Kaiser asked in 1912 what the quarter of a million Swiss militiamen would do if invaded by a half million German soldiers, a Swiss replied: We would each shoot twice and go home.

    I suspect the result in the situation here would be much the same.

  7. Can I play, too? I've got plenty of 300 WM, and I promise to let enough of them inside 800 for you and Murphy to play with.

  8. Overwatch support with .270 Win of suspect locations. Might not prevent, but will stop and prevent waste of trial and jail time. Suboptimal, but best I can offer in my physical condition.

  9. Just remember that when the feces hits the rotary impeller it will invariably be when you least expect it, and you will have to make do with what you brung with you.
    Always be polite, be friendly, be helpful, and have a plan to kill anyone in your line of sight should that become necessary.

  10. I have enough 9mm and a Model 59 S&W that shares mags with my Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Sub rifle to last an hour or two should they be foolish enough to start any crap in NW Louisiana. I'll keep the .38spl Model 10-8 S&W and the Model 60 Marlin .22 in reserve and the Black Powder Navy revolver for a last ditch weapon.

  11. And they wonder why so few white people want to join their movement.

    I consider this to be evidence of the failure of the public school system. Whites outnumber blacks by 6:1. Blacks tend to live in areas that restrict or prevent gun ownership. Most combat veterans are white. These facts, when taken together, don't promise very good odds to someone looking to start a black-on-white race war.

  12. Starting a race war would be an act of utter stupidity. The lack of discipline among the majority of blacks in this country would make them, at best, a speed bump to the white gun owning population in the US.

  13. Quartermaster, I know some black folks who would be standing right next to Peter and the others, muttering under their breaths about "gene pool" and "idjits" and the like. If I could handle a long gun (eye problem), I'd be aiming for the Useful Idiots of Pallor. Toxic culture knows no color bar (although it does tend to pool in certain areas).


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