It’s time for the NRA leadership to face facts – and resign

The situation at the top of the National Rifle Association gets worse and worse.  After all the shenanigans revealed during the last annual meeting, the organization is effectively being run by a cabal consisting of Wayne LaPierre and his loyalists.  They’re blocking anyone else from investigating the situation as it deserves, and closing ranks to keep their power and position, no matter what.

What’s worse is that the LaPierre crew have apparently ignored due process, due diligence and the rule of law.  That last is looking more and more likely to bite them in the posterior, because New York State’s Attorney-General is on the case, and apparently isn’t about to let go.  There’s at least circumstantial evidence suggesting that the NRA’s Board of Directors ignored or neglected its fiduciary duties.  That has just led to the resignation of three directors, frustrated that their attempts to investigate the facts of the matter have been thwarted at every turn.

Tom Gresham put it in a nutshell in a newsletter a couple of weeks ago.  I think his views are so apposite, and so important, that I’m going to reproduce the whole thing here.

It’s time for Wayne LaPierre to retire.

I have put this off for a while as I waited to see how events would develop. The leaders at the NRA and I’m talking about YOU, the board of directors, as well as the hired help, have spent years … decades … setting up a system which gives key people massive financial rewards. In my view, it’s at least malfeasance, and it might even be corruption. Monster salaries, private jets, slush funds, insane budgets spent on TV shows, as well as PR and advertising campaigns designed to do nothing more than generate more funds which can be siphoned off for dubious programs, putting millions into the pockets of vendors (and maybe staffers and directors and even family members of Wayne must gokey staffers), have eroded the confidence of members and gun owners to the point where we now see a campaign of “no money until Wayne is gone.”

Whether he directed it, was part of it, or just didn’t see what was happening, this all metastasized under the watch of Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. The buck stops there.

It has greatly jeopardized what most members believe should be the NRA’s core mission – protecting the Second Amendment and our gun rights. In fact, it looks as though the leadership has subverted the core mission into just making themselves rich.

In the world of corporate leadership, when the CEO has failed at this level it’s time for a new leader.

We need a strong NRA as we enter the 2020 election season. Yes, the NY AG office will continue its investigation, but we can’t realistically expect those who led this organization into the sorry state we now see to be the ones to fix it.

LaPierre now is a symbol of this financial meltdown. In short, no matter what is done, if he remains in this post (or has any role at the NRA), it is utterly impossible to restore the trust of the membership.

Wayne, if you care about the movement … if you care about the fight for gun rights — recognize that you now constitute an impediment. Take your millions and retire. Staying on to fight the good fight won’t do.

Do the right thing.

I endorse Mr. Gresham’s call.  It’s time for Wayne LaPierre to resign, along with every loyalist who’s enriched themselves at members’ expense, or received any sort of perks or compensation, in cash or in kind, for enabling the high-level malfeasance of office that’s been uncovered.

David Codrea goes even further.

Tom [Gresham] was always nicer than I am about such matters, more willing to give the benefit of the doubt. I’ll state flat-out NRA needs to fire LaPierre and turn its legal team loose on finding ways the executive vice president has breached his fiduciary duties in order to “revisit” contractual pension obligations “owed” him if he does bail. Because thanks to his “leadership,” they’re going to need the money.

Mr. Codrea also has a snippet of information that, if true, is likely to be damning.

Enough is enough.  Mr. LaPierre, you’ve got to go.  If you don’t, then all your oft-expressed concern for the Second Amendment will be revealed as nothing more than a political ploy to enrich yourself at gun-owners’ expense . . . and we’re fed up with that.  We won’t stand for any more of it.  One way or another, you’re going to go.  Why not do it as gracefully, and as peacefully, as possible, before it’s forced on you?



  1. It does seem more and more that La Pierre is treating the NRA much like the Clintons treat any charity they are involved in.

    Now, does WLP have a daughter that is getting married? If so, I know who's paying for it.

    Sad when the NRA phone beggars are calling just about every day saying the NRA is broke-ish, at the same time we're buying Wayne's clothing directly.

    If Wayne really cared about the NRA, he'd fall on his sword and leave. Say something like "In order for the NRA to go forward, I will resign effectively immediately, and so will X and Y and Z. The NRA needs to go forward as the premiere advocate for the Second Amendment Rights of American citizens." Or something like that. Much more noble than "YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

    More money for education and actual lobbying, far less money on clothing and fancy parties by the elite.

  2. At this point, what the actions are taken by the NRA do not matter. I am done with them now and forever. I believe the harm done is permanent.

  3. We had a pro 2nd Amendment President and GOP control of both houses yet the National Reciprocity bill wasn't passed. My conclusion was the NRA didn't want to win – it would hurt their fund raising. I said, bye-bye.

  4. I called for the Board to fire without any relief or compensation whatsoever all of the leadership team over three years ago. It is not going to happen, ever.

    I refuse to countenance or support it in any fashion. This, after doing so for nearly 60 years and being a life member in early childhood.

  5. They are not the type of people that will that will step down voluntarily. They have to be dragged out, screaming and kicking. They will stay on – milking the cow – until they are literally tossed out.

  6. Unfortunately, as I see it, we need the NRA. Without them, we have no effective voice in the Imperial Capitol. State organizations are fine, and indeed necessary in their own right, but we need a strong, effective national voice. If we lose that, the left will dance with delight and in short order, we lose everything. That's why I can't side with the "let it burn" group – after it burns, we are going to be left with nothing.

    So rather than walk away from the NRA, it needs to be seriously reformed. I hope for another member's revolt that accomplishes this – it will be painful, but in my view absolutely necessary. Hopefully a leader/faction will come forth that we can get behind to do this.

    NRA Life Member

  7. This explains much, I have been getting calls from the NRA every day. I use an app called "Hiya" and it screens my call. I block the number and the next day it is another call from the NFA on a different number. I am truly disgusted by the actions of the upper leadership. They have tarnished the organization and if the NRA collapses, it will embolden our enemies.

  8. I'm not a joiner but I did consider joining the NRA a number of years ago but the stench was pretty obvious even back then and I didn't. It's a pity WLP can't have an 'accident' cleaning one of his guns.

  9. You do realize that the NY State Attorney (and Governor, and legislature, and…well, you get the point) is kinda the exact opposite of an unbiased source?

  10. as a lifetime member, I must sadly agree that the head shed and the accounting department needs sweeping out.

  11. The incredible size of the NRA Board is DESIGNED to keep them from being effective in controlling the executives. Still, they could toss them if they really wanted to do it. It appears that most all the board members believe that their position is merely a title, and not a real, legal, function. I expect NY to eventually show them the error of their thinking. At this point, having so much damage resulting from their ignoring the situation, I hope NY throws them in jail, past and current Directors all! Piss on 'em.

    (life member)

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