I’ve got the galloping crud again . . .


Yesterday I woke up to find I was running a fever, and coughing and spluttering much better.  No fun.  It’s continued since then.

I’ve got the necessary medication to take care of it, but I’m definitely feeling under the weather.  Blogging will be lighter than usual until I shake it off.

Thanks for understanding.



  1. I hope you’re better soon! Chicken soup, Zinc, Vitamin D, Ivermectin. You sure your malaria’s not acting up? Maybe some HCQ?

  2. Get tough. Rub some dirt on it. Do some deadlift. Great blog.

    BTW, Tucker on Fox says of the 5 who died on 6Jan…it is all a part of the mind game…

  3. Umnnh…..I had my annual walking pneumonia. Until it turned into CoVid. How did I know, with only a mild fever, slight chills, ennui?

    Got the runs.

    And that meant CoVid. (VERY mild case despite my COPD….)

    Watch for 'stuff that doesn't belong' and recover quickly!!

  4. Sorry, I'm not a 'medical expert' like on TV, so all I can offer is, rest up – your blog will be waiting for your full-throated return…

  5. Hydrate and get to a Doctor if it gets out of control. Don't wait. Don't try to tough it out. Get help. You and I and a lot of your readers are too old for that.

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