I’ve never seen so many doofi in a single video!

Here’s a mind-boggling video filled with examples of what not to do on the road.  I would give it a Doofus Of The Day award, but there are so many doofi involved that I think I’d run out of the next three or four years’ winners all in one go!

Remind me to stay as far away from those roads as I possibly can . . .



  1. As someone who spends a few hours every day commuting I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm still alive is my firm belief that every other driver is actively trying to kill me. I don't trust the cars I pass on the autobahn and I don't trust the oncoming traffic on the road.
    People are blind when driving. And stupid.

    Afaik there are so many russian videos because the demand dash cams.

    Plus there are many examples of bad tires in the video ^^

  2. Several thoughts as I watched this beyond stupid people… the first was dash cams, Ya!
    The 2nd/3rd was ice & physics suck…

  3. I saw a lot of driving too fast for conditions as well as (grievous) error in judgement. I'm glad I live in a rural area. Fewer people to run into me.

  4. A good argument in favor of increasing availability of public transit, and for having more stringent requirements for obtaining a driver's license.
    …and for returning driving back to its status as a privilege as opposed to its current status as a "birthright" or "necessity".

  5. Russians have dashcams because the cops there work on a simple principle: whoever has less money to bribe them gets the ticket.
    Without a dashcam, they lose in court. You also have to understand that vodka consumption there makes alcoholic drivers here look like tea-totallers. Throw in some ice and snow most of the year, and you have the makings for epic fails, 24/7/365.

    But I watch the channels that are all N. American crashes, and the pattern here is simpler: Somebody entitled driving way too fast and loose for conditions, and then physics taking over when they run out of luck.

  6. "… in favor of increasing availability of public transit…"

    Tal, that horse left the barn here in the US about 100 YEARS ago. Attempts to replicate the EU area in this regard won't fly. This country is NOT like there, and this demand just shows how unobservant those making it really are in this area of concern.

    BTW, Russian insurance companies apparently require a dashcam to obtain coverage due to endemic fraud. It's funny to see some of the recorded antics of various attempts by pedestrians and bicyclists in this regard. Not so much when the attempt is with a car.

    I suspect that tire compounds are not really compatible with the road surfaces in Russia, as they seem to slide around in conditions that are rather puzzling.

    These videos are instructive is showing the resulting movements of vehicles after collisions with various objects. Sort of a graduate level course in vehicle physics. Having grown up around the auto repair industry, and worked in it at various times, I'm still occasionally surprised by the results being displayed.

    I would require these be watched by beginner drivers, for educational purposes, if I could.

  7. That bicyclist at 5:13 deserves it. He went against an obvious red light, as the motorist has a visible green light. He should be charged for running the light at least.

  8. Assume other drivers are drunk, stupid and high.

    Had a lot of near misses in the last few years, but been lucky. As a young driver I caused a few accidents like these but fortunately no injuries.

  9. As you are no-doubt aware by now – or doubtlessly should be aware, if you spend any appreciable amount of time on-line involving the perusal of YouTube videos that have even a coincidental acquaintance with anything vehicular – there is a near-endless supply of this sort of stuff available; virtually every time, for instance, that I see any video from Car & Driver or Road & Track, at the end the multi-frame "other videos" panel that comes up has at least 2 or 3, and frequently-more link-references to this sort of minor-to-medium-level road and/or street lunatic antics. As others have observed, most of them appear to originate in Europe, generally in Russia or some Baltic state, or in the U.K. or somewhere in Scandinavia. There are quite a few originating in the U.S., as well – but the overseas crowd have got us beat-out for overall sheer-volume – that's quite apparent! There's even a generous sprinkling of Asian-origin stuff showing up.

    There are even entire YouTube "channels" – complete with distinctive titles and even some sequence-numbering – that are devoted to accumulating and publishing various "series" of the "best/most-select" crack-ups and screw-ups. Some of them – apparently – have a growing body of "subscribers" and "followers" –

    Clearly, also, the vehicle-repair/reconstruction/salvage business is a high-growth-industry!!…especially in the Northern European sector of the world…sooo-o-o much breakage and crumpling…also, the plastic-body-trim-parts business must be having a real field day!

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