Jim Caviezel hits it out of the park


Actor Jim Caviezel put our current dilemma into words in a 2018 gathering.  I’m obliged to The Conservative Treehouse for originally embedding this video.  The relevant excerpt is less than three minutes long (the video is keyed to start and end at the appropriate points), and well worth your time to watch.

Mr. Caviezel’s message is delivered in a Christian context, but it fits equally well within the context of the Founding Fathers and what our country was originally designed to be.  Listen to it with that in mind.

That’s about where we are now.  Our constitutional republic is under threat like never before.  If the electoral fraud we saw so clearly in November is allowed to stand, there’s a very real possibility we’ll never see another free and fair democratic election again in this country.  The time to act is NOW.

We’ll be discussing ways that each of us can take action in future posts over the next couple of weeks.



  1. Powerful video. Would also recommend "Serbian Warning" (search for the title on Youtube, looks like it's been reuploaded by various users after deletion, otherwise it would baffle me how there are so undeservedly few views).

  2. Incredible video and statement.

    You are correct. If this steal stands, there will NEVER be another "free and more importantly fair" election. Evah.

  3. Peter, given that the situation is indeed critical, still, be careful what you write. Not that you aren't, but still, unfriendly eyes and ears are on Americans. Misunderstandings could have serious consequences.

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