Jim Curtis has a new book out . . .

. . . and it’s a good one – his first novel-length foray into science fiction.  It’s titled ‘Rimworld:  Into The Green‘.

The blurb reads:

After a chance encounter with Dragoons and Traders turns a routine planet exploration into a rout that kills his team and his career, Lieutenant Ethan Fargo, medically retired, wants nothing more than to hole up in the backwater Rimworld he’d explored and enjoy a quiet retirement far from people or problems.

Unfortunately, he’s about to find out that he’s not as retired as he wants to be, and that his new home system comes with dangers, politics, and Dragoon sightings of its own. What promised to be a boring retirement will turn out to be anything but.

Lawdog, Miss D., myself and others helped critique and edit this book, so we’ve followed its development closely.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend it (as I do all Jim’s books).

To give you a taste of Jim’s Rimworld milieu, he’s offering his first short story set in that environment, ‘Rimworld:  Stranded‘, free of charge until tomorrow, Saturday, May 6th.  Think of it as moonshine (the liquid variety), with rayguns and spaceships!

Click over there and download it for a short, but fun read – then try Jim’s new novel for a longer one!



  1. Bought, read, and a review is percolating… One question, did Jim piggyback on your research on the Gurkas or is it just coincidence?

    It is refreshing to see so many flavors of mil-SF out there now.

    Now all three of you need to tag-team LawDog and help him finish his first book!!!

    The BugScuffle Writer's Society has a 100% "Will Purchase Again" rating from me with the 3 of you, and expect it to be 4 out of 4 soon.

  2. I first read the description as Dragons and Traders. I blame it on bi-focals, a laptop and a liking for Anne McCaffrey.

    I will look into it. Thank you for the review.

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