Joe Bob brings the smackdown to journalists

In a very funny article in Taki’s Magazine, Joe Bob Briggs lays it out for so-called ‘journalists’.

What is it about Donald Trump that makes journalists go insane?

. . .

Of all the words used by the press to describe Donald Trump, the million-hit wonders are these:

bully 1.4 million
self-obsessed 2.5 million
vicious 9.1 million
rude 13.3 million
cruel 13.3 million
liar 16.2 million
angry 19.3 million
And the winner—drum roll, please:
idiot 20.5 million

Notice that five of the eight are internal attributes, only one can be fact-checked, and the most popular epithet of them all is the last refuge of sputtering incoherent rage. It’s reminiscent of the old Saturday Night Live routine, with Dan Aykroyd responding to anything Jane Curtin said with, “Jane, you ignorant slut.”

Ladies and gentlemen, most unjournalistic.

. . .

But it doesn’t stop there. Another abandonment of traditional journalistic responsibility—Dr. Naugahyde is turning over in his grave—connotes massive ignorance on the part of the Fourth Estate, and they’re not even ashamed of it. It takes the form of the “Who the Heck Is Voting for Trump?” article. This is apparently a perplexing conundrum to the national press corps, especially the branch that dines at the Yale Club.

First of all, you’re not supposed to be asking who votes for Trump, you’re supposed to be telling us. I realize this might require moving outside the realm of people who wear 18th-century crests on their Princeton crew jackets, but it’s kind of why you’ve been given the job in the first place.

Unfortunately, the identity of the Trump voter is such an overwhelming mystery to so many that several publications, including the Atlantic Monthly, have actually hired psychologists to figure it out. Maria Konnikova, writing in the Internet forum Big Think, looked up Trump in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and went with the Eastern Long Island crowd favorite: Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A long piece in Esquire, speculating on said narcissism, was headlined “Donald Trump Doesn’t Need Our Attention, He Needs Our Pity”—but most of the armchair shrinks declined to participate in the group hug.

I won’t even go into the hundreds of “unfit to be President” screeds, because they all ignore one basic fact of our system: If you receive 270 votes in the electoral college, you are by definition fit to be President. Democracy’s a bitch, dudes.

There’s more at the link.  Worth reading – and it’s great fun, besides.

Objectivity of the press?  Responsible journalism?  Don’t make me laugh . . .



  1. Personally I find it rather 'funny' that a community organizer is calling a successful businessman 'unqualified'…

    And if they really want answers, they need to travel to the red states!

  2. Old NFO – They could travel to a red state and the rancher/farmer/heavy equipment operator will take one look at the individual asking the question and give them a gobbledygook answer. If, they don't spit tobacco juice on precious' shoes before they turn away and go back to work. If they go to the local saloon/watering hole they may need to be rescued by the local sheriff's deputy and that always takes a couple of hours in the best of times.

  3. Donald Trump's contribution to history will be the unmasking of the fake Left-Right Kayfabe WWE style fighting that masked the Whorehouse on Capital Hill. With both the Parties attacking him, Americans have now realized why nothing ever goes anywhere but bad. The Rich crooks buy the Whores who sell out America. That globalist fantasy is just a giant ponzi scheme writ large. Its all collapsing. Perot told everyone about global delusions before NAFTA started, but Bush sr blackmailed him to drop out with pics of his daughter cheating on her fiance before their wedding. Its sweet his whole shithead family is now going down the drain after loser little jebbie shit on his family shrubbery.
    Even Fox Newz is blowing itself up to stop the Donald. We are seeing the end of their schemes right here. The Dinosaurs in the media are seeing their little scams blow up in their faces. They are blowing through all their tiny bit of credibility trying to push that old hag past the finish line. I doubt there will be an election. The scum won't give up their scam willingly. The World will have to be pried from their cold dead paws.

  4. Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the best handicapper of this presidential election for more than a year now, is still predicting that Trump will win against Hillary in a landslide. It's a real nail-biter, though.

    If Trump wins, the boost to the Europeans currently fighting a losing battle against Muslim immivasion will be … well, YUGE!

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